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Weather Flash Cards – Free Printables



Weather Flash Cards – Free Printables

Hey there! In this edition, we bring to you weather flashcard sheets for you to help your students learn about some common weather-related words and phenomenon. Download the flashcards and help your students identify these different common occurrences. Use the flashcards and ask students to describe what they see. If they can’t, help them out:

  • A cloud– Clouds are seen above in the sky. These are aerosols that contain water droplets,
  • Rain- It rains when the clouds expel the water droplets it holds.
  • Rainbows– Rainbows are bow-shaped meteorological phenomena that are seen after rain. A rainbow is formed due to the refraction of light through raindrops. It is made up of seven different colors that make white light.
  • Tornado – A tornado is a violently rotating column of air in contact with the ground. These cause severe destruction and it is not safe to go outside if there’s one approaching you.
  • Lightning- Thunder is often followed by lightning. It is a common occurrence during thunderstorms. A lightning strike can be fatal.
  • Sun- The sun is a star. It is hot and provides daylight. All the planets rotate around the sun.
  • Snow- Just like it rains, in cold areas the water droplets inside clouds freeze which results in snowfalls.
  • Moon – Moon in a natural satellite. It reflects the sunlight to light up the dark night sky. Different planets have different numbers of moons. Earth has one.
  • Star – Stars are the twinkling celestial bodies that can be seen clearly during nighttime. Do you know that the stars don’t actually twinkle, instead it is the wind that is responsible for the illusion?

Weather Flash Cards

Download Free Flashcard Printable Pdf

Weather Flash Cards- 1Weather Flash Cards Free PDF

Weather Flash Cards- 2

Weather Flash Cards

Flashcards have been proven to be effective in teaching young kids. It has been proven scientifically that at a young age most of our learning is visual in nature. Flashcards appeal to this and serve as effective tools to educate kids all over the world. These sheets contain several flashcards of storm clouds, sun, clouds, lightning clouds, raindrops, stars, and more. Use these in classrooms or during homeschooling sessions to teach the kids some important facts about these weather-related occurrences.

We aim to make teaching and learning an easy, fun, and fruitful process for both the students and teachers. Hence, we employ the use of the modern trends in teaching and upload several worksheets and flashcards on a wide variety of topics ranging from general awareness, science, mathematics, and more on a daily basis. Visit our website for more flashcards.

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