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Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids


Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids

Activities for Kids

Making kids learn the alphabet requires a lot of hard work. Hours of reciting, speaking, and practicing makes the entire day dull. Make learning smart and fast with the activities mentioned here for pre-kindergartners, and toddlers. They will easily learn how each alphabet sounds and looks without losing interest.

Performing activities with your little ones makes the day and memories for life. Not only do kids increase knowledge but also you learn something more about them. The activities mentioned are easy to set up, moreover, the bond between you and your toddler will get stronger also. Go further and try each of the activities mentioned here. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of Alphabet Craft Activities like salt tray, alphabet letter splash, string scavenger hunt, letter recognition, searching alphabets in slime, letters and rainbow, felt alphabet letters, stamping the alphabets, seek-n-find alphabet, letter printed placemat, letter printing on the goop, rope letters and alphabet sound recognizing.

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids

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Salt Tray Activity

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids Salt Tray Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Teach Preschool

An amazing activity that let’s you make use of the salt, tray, and colored papers to create a writing tray for kids. A scoop of salt is spread on the colored sheet which is placed on the tray, then kids could use a brush to make shapes or alphabets on the salt. This is a productive activity, and after making any shape on the salt it could be erased by shaking it a little.

Alphabet letter splash

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids Alphabet letter splash

Image Source/Tutorial: Teach Mama

Make use of a water gun for exciting learning fun. You can write the alphabet on the wall or garden fence. Kids would just have to aim and erase the alphabet using a water gun. As you sound the alphabet like ” ‘a’- lowercase” they fire and erase the letter. A playful way like their age to learn. Have fun!

String Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids String Scavenger Hunt

Image Source/Tutorial: Hands-On as We Grow

This is a too fun and exciting activity. Kids will make use of their knowledge of alphabets, and searching skills to perform this activity. Kids will have lots of fun finding the order of letters in a mismatched web of strings. This activity will not only improve their knowledge of letters but also improve their analytical and searching skills, so have fun.

Letter Recognition Activity

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids Letter Recognition Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Smart School House

This activity is for toddlers and kiddos, to facilitate them in learning uppercase and lowercase letters.  We make use of ice cream sticks, cut them in half, and attach uppercase letters on one half and lowercase letters on the other. Let kids match uppercase letters with lowercase letters, help them in this activity, and make your child better at the alphabet.

Searching Alphabets in Slime

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids Searching Alphabets in Slime

Image Source/Tutorial: Growing A Jeweled Rose

This very delighting activity is about searching for letters in an ooey-gooey transparent slime. Kids will love to play with slime, and in that play, they will find alphabets hidden in the slime. Follow the above link for the recipe, make the slime, and have fun searching.

Letters and Rainbow Activity

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids Letters and Rainbow Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

As it is said that the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold. This activity is regarding that saying, one end contains upper case letters, and kids will match lowercase letters written on the pot as shown in the picture. An interesting way to make kids learn the story and alphabet too.

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Felt Alphabet Letters

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids Felt Alphabet Letters

Image Source/Tutorial: Artful Parent

This activity is about felt alphabet cutouts that your kid will stick using pins on the board. This will improve their memory of alphabets, as they can place alphabets in the form of words on the board. This will also improve their word-forming skills making them learn the alphabet faster.

Stamping The Alphabets Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Mama Miss

A pretty engaging activity especially for toddlers and pre-kindergartners. We make use of alphabet stamps of various colors, kids have to stamp the correct alphabet on the white sheet as they hear the sound from you. This activity will make the learning exciting and fun.

Seek-n-Find Alphabet Activity

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids Seek-n-Find Alphabet Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Mama Miss

It is more like a game for kids, but an activity for parents. You will have to use a medium-sized plastic tube, rice about 3/4th the volume of the tube, and A-Z alphabet beads. Just mix everything up inside the tube and let your play and find the alphabet. It will keep them busy for hours, and they will automatically learn the alphabet with fun.

Letter Printed Placemat

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids Letter Printed Placemat

Image Source/Tutorial: Mama Miss

This activity is not limited to one day but for every day. Make use of alphabet-printed table mats containing outlines of plates and utensils. Stick it on the mat and whenever kids eat they learn the alphabet on the mat. They can even color it too while you cook food.

Letter Printing On the Goop

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids Letter Printing On the Goop

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Have you ever used putty that is stretchy and takes any shape? Well, you can make it yourself, just mix some glue, cornstarch, water, food coloring, and a bit of borax. Here you have to knead the dough and you are ready with putty or goop. Let kids use plastic alphabets and print them on the goop over and over for fun.

Rope Letters Activity

Alphabet Craft Activities For Kids Rope Letters Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

You and your toddlers will find enjoying yourself a lot. This activity is best when you are on an outing, on a picnic, or at the park, take the rope with you and ask your kid to shape an alphabet using the rope. After they are done, they can slip around the shape or walk along the direction of the rope. Try it, you will have fun.

Alphabet Sound Recognizing Activity

Alphabet Sound Recognizing Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

A very fun activity to try with your toddler in the bathtub. Make use of plastic alphabets, and toys and spread them in the bathtub. Ask questions like, “Can you find the object that begins with ‘b’?” after finding ask “Ok now that you find the boat, can you find the letter it starts with?”.. and many more questions like this. Make your child learn and grow.

I hope the activities were a lot of fun, and you got to spend happy moments with your toddler. These pretty crafts make a child sensible, responsible, and attentive to the world. If you liked the post, then take time to read further, we have many more activities that are waiting for your visit.

Comment down the activity you found best.

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