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Educational Activities For Kids to Do at Home


Educational Activities For Kids to Do at Home

Activities for Kids

Learning and crafting go hand in hand, crafting is a journey, and learning through it is the destination through this fun journey, your kid will definitely get to the destination called education.

Here we are presenting you some fun and educational activities you can perform with your kids, most kids do not prefer learning through textbooks or one can say they find it boring so why not learn with fun, crafting helps in developing kids’ motor skills, it boosts their confidence, encourage critical thinking and creative mindset. List of educational activities for kids like let’s count apple seeds, basic math operations & counting on fingers, pom-pom caterpillars, seasonal emojis, train of education, play with numbers, and animals table chart.

Teaching kids at a young age can be a little confusing and difficult as learning is a totally new concept to them, and they can get a little flummoxed but here we are to help out you and your little one so they can learn the things which are difficult for their little brains to comprehend in an easy and fun way.

Let’s make learning less stressful and more fun together.

Engaging Educational Activities For Kids

Educational Activities For Kids

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Let’s Count Apple Seeds

Let's Count Apple Seeds Educational Activities For Kids

We are here to make counting numbers fun, this activity will help your little kid in basic math. Kids can learn what numbers are and how counting works and they can even learn spellings of numbers through this fun activity, it is an easy craft to make, and you can give it a little twist by making apples of different colors to teach your kids about colors too. The suitable age group of kids to do this activity is 2 to 4 yrs.

Basic Math Operations

Basic Math Operations

Teaching kids basic math operations like addition, subtraction, etc. could be a little tiring but not anymore, this fun activity will help you in teaching your kid basic math operations without trying hard and while having fun.

Pom-Pom Caterpillars

Pom-Pom Caterpillars Educational Activities For Kids

The pom-pom caterpillars are here to teach your little ones some counting, touching the things they are counting will also develop their motor skills and these cute and colorful caterpillars will also let them know about different colors. The suitable age group of kids to do this activity is 2 to 4 years.

What’s The Time?

What's The Time?

Teaching kids about time and how the clock works can be a little stressful but not anymore with this beautiful clock. You can even use this as decor in your kids’ room and I am pretty sure they’ll love it. With the help of this activity, kids can learn about the time and how to read a clock and the cute little fishes and ships can also help them in learning a bit about the sea too.

Seasonal Emojis

Seasonal Emojis Educational Activities For Kids


Emojis are adorable and can definitely make any activity fun. If you want to teach your kid about different seasons, weather, and their names and how different they are from each other then this is the ideal activity to do with your kid, these emojis will help your kid in learning about seasons, and who knows you are raising a little meteorologist.

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Counting On Fingers

Counting On Fingers

Counting on fingers is the first step toward becoming a mathematician, it is the initial step towards the journey in math, and here is the activity to do with little kids to make this journey easier. When they will learn something while visualizing, it will also polish their creative thinking skills and will help them in learning anything easily, counting with fingers will develop their motor skills too.

Color-Color Everywhere

Color-Color Everywhere Educational Activities For Kids

Kids love colors because they are beautiful and make everything look pretty and cheerful. Kids are interested in colors at a young age because colors are everywhere and this color identification activity is the best way to teach about different colors, one should start with the colors with easy pronunciation and which are most common like red, blue, green, pink, etc. Everything around us has its own color hence you can teach your kid anywhere.

The Train Of Education

The Train Of Education

Here are 3 amazing friends Tom, Kate, and Sam and they are here to teach kids about alphabets, shapes, and even colors. Introducing some character or friends to your kids while learning will make learning more interesting and easier on the brain. You can create many such characters for different subjects and topics and ask kids to read their names and this will help kids in reading too,

A… B… C… D…

A... B... C... D... Educational Activities For Kids

The best way to learn alphabets and how they sound is through giving examples like A for an apple and it becomes better when you include pictures too because pictures can activate a child’s visual power and will make it easier for their brain to store information because pictures are easier to understand. These alphabet cards can help your kids learn the alphabet and how the words are made out of them, you can stick these cards on your wall so kids can see and revise them anytime, it is best for young kids.

Play With Numbers

Play With Numbers
For preschoolers, this is the ideal game to play because it includes numbers, pictures, colors, cute objects, and lots of fun. You can teach your little one math with anything, like in the above activity you can make many different cute objects and ask kids to put an appropriate number of things in appropriate pockets for example ask them to put five pink flowers in the pocket so first, they will identify what a flower is then what pink is then how many flowers make five and hence they can learn a lot while playing.
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Tree Of Mathematics

Tree Of Mathematics Educational Activities For Kids

“Roots of education are bitters but fruits are sweet” this is the saying we must remember and here we are with the tree of education. Or a tree of mathematics. This is one of the best ways to introduce your kids to basic addition and a new chapter of mathematics. The suitable age group of kids to do this activity is 4 to 7 years

Animals Table Chart

Animals Table Chart

This cute little cow a pink piggy is here to help out kids with tables, learning tables can be a little tricky and confusing for kids but not anymore, these little animals’ table charts will make it fun to learn and recite tables, you can make many charts with different animals of your choice as your kid grows up to add more tables.

Hope you liked the above activities and will surely do some of them with your lovely kids. When education becomes fun for kids then you know you are teaching them right, learning should never be stressful it should always be something kids get excited about and something they look forward to, and these fun and educational activities will help you in making learning fun.

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Activities for Kids
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