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Animal Drawings for Kids to Make at Home


Animal Drawings for Kids to Make at Home

If you’re searching for animal drawings for kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of animal drawings like Bunny, cute kitty, pink pig and butterfly.

Animal Drawings for Kids to Make at Home

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Animal Drawings Bunny

See this cute little rabbit in the box carrying a tiny heart in its hand. This drawing has been made in such a way so that it will be easy to draw for kids. Two colours have been used only to save time and energy. I’m sure this piece of the drawing will be cherished by all kids.

Cute Kitty

Animal Drawings Cute kitty

This planet is full of kitty lovers. Kitty is one of the famous cartoon characters and it is a cat. Every kid gets fascinated by seeing a cat. This kitty is too adorable to be loved by everybody. Her pink clothes and pink bow depicts her girly nature. Girls gonna love this drawing. I’m sure you’ll try at least this one at home. Only one single pink colour has been used in the whole drawing.

Pink Pig

Animal Drawings Pink pig

Look at this piggy, its tail is curved yet pretty. This is too simple and less time-consuming. I kind kids of age group 6-9 can draw it well. Here also only two colours have been used and those too colours are also favourite of every kid that is red and pink. Just make a few Little shapes and you’re done. If you have to submit any art project in your school, try to draw this one.


Animal Drawings Butterfly

Every kid drawing book is incomplete without the drawing of the butterfly. Almost every animal is loved by kids but Butterfly has something that attracts kids towards her. Maybe it’s because it had attractive bright multicoloured wings. Let’s make your Butterfly and colour her wings of your own choice.

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