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24 Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies! 

Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies! 

DIY and Crafts

24 Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies! 

Activities for Kids

24 Beautiful apple craft ideas made with cardboard tubes, paper plates, yarn, and other things that your child can make.

Crafting has a lot of benefits for your child, from strengthening fine motor skills to boosting self-esteem. You might not see your youngster gaining lasting skills beneath all the paint and glitter when the kitchen table transforms into Craft Central.

Hence, the question arises, “Do your child have a passion for the craft? Do you want to help your toddler to achieve his passion?”

Let’s begin with A for Apple!

Our little angel learns about Apple from age one, when you engage your child in making crafts it is important to realize what are the things his/her beautiful brain is familiar with. 

Is your toddler going back to school? 

What better to let him create a gift for his/her favorite teacher! You don’t need to worry about finding crafty ideas because you’ve dropped them on the right door! We’ve gathered 24 Apple craft ideas for your young angel to start his creative adventure.

Apple Crafts for Kids

Apple Crafts for Kids

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1. Big Pop Art Apple

Big Pop Art Apple Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies

Image Source/Tutorial: Art Campla

When your mind is at its most creative, it creates patterns that do not yet exist. Your child must create a puzzle of designs that fit an apple while designing the Big pop art apple. Your child not only learns to paint the patterns that are concealed in his creative brain but also how to mold them into a certain shape. Big Pop Art Apple can be made by children aged five and up. Making a Big Pop Art Apple can be done at any time of year, but the finest time is when the apples arrive in the fall.

2. Paper Plate Apple Lacing Craft

Paper Plate Apple Lacing Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Craft Room

This apple paper plate project is both entertaining and informative. The cutest worm that youngsters can weave in and out of paper plate apples is delightful. So, if you’re looking for a unique apple craft project, this apple threading activity is for you. This Paper Plate Apple Lacing Craft is ideal for children aged three and up. This apple lacing craft is great for the fall and back-to-school seasons, and it’s also great for healthy eating study units.

3. Apple Suncatchers

Apple Suncatchers Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies

Image Source/Tutorial: Fire Flies And Mud Pies

What will you do when your little angel wakes up in the morning and asks for a Suncatcher hanging in your home? Apples Suncatchers! Yes, you heard it right, something vibrant, lively, and colorful hanging in your home, and it’s just the proper kind of project after the apples are gone in the fall. Apple Suncatchers is a great pick for children aged 3 and up. When the apples are gone in the fall, it’s easier to keep your child’s memories of apples alive in your home with Apple Suncatchers.

4. Yarn-Wrapped Pinecone Apple Tree

Yarn-Wrapped Pinecone Apple Tree

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

Using a pinecone, yarn, and pompoms this fascinating apple tree is the perfect activity for your toddlers. Your little angel would enjoy going for a walk and collecting pinecones on his own. It only takes a few materials and a short period of time to complete. This is a fantastic option for children aged three and up. It’s an easy autumn activity that also provides plenty of fine motors practice for young hands.

5. Paper Plate Apple Craft

Paper Plate Apple Craft Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

The beautiful little worm sticking out of the apple adds a particular touch to this simple Paper Plate Apple Craft that kids will love. The worm may move up and down in the paper plate, making it a fun game for kids to play once they’ve completed the craft. This is an excellent activity for children aged two and up. It is a basic craft that can be completed in a short amount of time.

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6. Cinnamon Painted Apple Craft

Cinnamon Painted Apple Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: From A BCS To Acts

If your kids like painting, they will enjoy this activity. They get to paint, but adding texture to their work makes it even more enjoyable. This is an excellent craft for children aged three and up. It may be prepared at any time of year and will give your darling angel a lovely smile.

7. Apple Coffee Filter Craft

Apple Coffee Filter Craft Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies

Image Source/Tutorial: Gift Of Curiosity

Through a technique known as chromatography, a simple apple coffee filter craft yields some lovely apple artwork. Chromatography is the separation of a mixture (for example, marker ink) by passing it through a medium (for example, a coffee filter) in which the components of the mixture (for example, the numerous colors that make up any given marker color) flow at different rates. This piece of craft can be easily made by kids of the age of three and above. Allow your youngster to use an apple twist to mix up the coffee filter chromatography activity.

8. Yarn Apple Craft & Garland

Yarn Apple Craft & Garland

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

Make a single Yarn Wrapped Apple to dangle from your doorknob, or a whole bunch to link together as an Apple Garland. Let your kid flood your house with wool tangles hanging here and there giving it a toddler’s new look. The yarn apple craft is an excellent fine motor skill builder and a wonderful tactile experience for kids of all ages. The wrapping procedure is simple to follow and relaxing.

9. Rustic Pine Cone Apples

Rustic Pine Cone Apples

Image Source/Tutorial: Fire Flies And Mud Pies

Does your toddler enjoy collecting pine cones? Why not make something out of it, Rustic Pine Cone Apples is the best option! When coupled with dyed twine, the apples take on a vintage, rustic aspect and create a beautiful ornament. Rustic Pine Cone Apples can be made by any toddler of any age. It’s simple and quick, and it gets the most out of the situation.

10. Puffy Paint Caramel Apple

Puffy Paint Caramel Apple Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Arts N Crafts

What could be more lovely than Caramel paint on your paper Apple? The ease with which this craft is completed allows children of all ages to enjoy the delight of making their own Caramel Apple. This craft is the perfect alternative when the apples come and your child learns something in the fall.

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11. Balloon Printed Apple

Balloon Printed Apple

Image Source/Tutorial: Craft Son Sea

Often seem to get leftovers of balloons after a party? Put them to use! as in this balloon-printed apple craft. It’s an excellent exercise for preschoolers or even toddlers because it doesn’t require much talent and printing with a balloon is a fun alternative to painting with a regular paintbrush.

12. Apple Themed Construction Paper Craft

Apple Themed Construction Paper Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Twit Chetts

This suncatcher craft is one of our favorites. It’s a fantastic way to improve fine motor skills and something your toddler can display in your window! In the spring, your toddler can produce butterflies, and in the fall, your toddler can build turkeys! This is a craft with limitless possibilities. This is an easy activity for children aged three and up to participate in. Pick the proper shape for your child and let him grow his masterpiece, whether it’s summer, winter, or monsoon.

13. Paper Strip Apples

Paper Strip Apples

Image Source/Tutorial: Fire Flies And Mud Pies

Do you have a child that enjoys cutting with scissors? The greatest alternative is to make a Paper Strip Apple craft! But keep in mind that scissors should only be used under the supervision of parents. This project is best suited for children aged five and up. When apples flourish in the fall and all you see are apples, what better way to spend your time than making them?

14. Easy Apple Collage Craft

Easy Apple Collage Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Arty Crafty Kids

Apple Collage Craft is a great way for kids to get started, it allows them to use their ideas on how they can reuse and recycle common household items. Involves loads of painting, adhering, cutting, and gluing, as well as enabling kids to experiment with different textures within the concept of ‘the color Red or Green.’ When the apple season arrives, this Apple Collage Craft is ideal for very young toddlers and preschoolers.

15. Cardboard Apple Tree Craft

Cardboard Apple Tree Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: The Craft Train

Cardboard Apple Tree is a fun DIY item for children that can also be turned into a counting game for preschoolers. You may also use the final tree to foster imaginative play in little worlds with a Fall or harvest theme. This cardboard apple tree craft is suitable for children of all ages. Even when the fall season is over, let’s have an apple tree for the little angel.

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16. Paper Roll Apple Core Craft

Paper Roll Apple Core Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Non Toy Gifts

This simple paint and glue apple core craft is a fun activity for youngsters to get ready for the impending fall season. It’s also a good time to show your children the inside of an apple and discuss the leaves, peel, stem, seeds, and core. Kids of all ages will appreciate this Paper Roll Apple Core Craft. So, using this great craft, show your child what’s inside an apple.

17. Recycled Apple Craft

Recycled Apple Craft Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies

Image Source/Tutorial: No Time For Flash Cards

For several reasons, this apple craft is fantastic. For starters, it requires almost no materials, and most of us are likely to have paper rolls on hand. Second, this is a fun apple activity for toddlers since it requires them to carefully paint a little area. The beauty of this Craft can be enjoyed by toddlers of any age. With fall on run, this is one of the best crafts to enjoy with your kid.

18. Yarn Apple Garland

Yarn Apple Garland Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies

Image Source/Tutorial: The Best Ideas For Kids

This yarn apple garland is incredibly simple to make. They look great strung together on a string to make a charming garland that will bring some fresh fall decor into your home. This simple yarn project can be done by children of all ages. It’ll get everyone in the spirit for the autumn season.

19. Paper Plate Yarn Weaving Apple Craft

Paper Plate Yarn Weaving Apple Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Non Toy Gifts

Have you ever attempted weaving yarn from paper plates? Now is the moment to act! If your child enjoys making crafts using paper plates, he may also enjoy yarn. We combined them to create adorable and simple children’s crafts. This craft can easily be done by children aged five and up.

20. Cardboard Apple Weaving Craft

Cardboard Apple Weaving Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

This adorable apple weaving craft will get your kids excited for fall and all of the great activities that go along with it, such as apple picking and the changing of seasons. Setting up the art project is simple. Cardboard, paint, and yarn/ribbons are all you’ll need. Kids will obtain a feel for weaving as a beginner, which is beneficial for fine motor development.

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21. Stuffed Paper Apples

Stuffed Paper Apples Apple Crafts for Kids Made with Everyday Supplies

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy And Buddy

This paper bag craft is wonderful for the autumn and offers plenty of fine motor skills. Children will utilize shopping bag apple shapes and sponge paint. They then stuff and lace them together to make a stuffed paper apple. This lacing craft would be a wonderful addition to any fall or apple subject in the classroom, and it would also make a festive fall decoration at home.

22. Paper Plate And Pom Pom Core Apple Craft

Paper Plate And Pom Pom Core Apple Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Non Toy Gifts

When your child develops an interest in apple crafts, the paper plate and pom core apple craft will be a hit since it incorporates two of their favorite construction materials: paper plates and pom-poms. This craft is suitable for toddlers of all ages.

23. Paper Plate Apple Craft

Paper Plate Apple Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Hooligans

This paper plate apple project is simple and enjoyable to do, and it’s ideal for an apple-themed party. Use coffee beans for the apple seeds to add a sensory aspect to our work and make the apples a little more intriguing. The majority of apple crafts, especially paper plate apples, depict a round apple, but ours are a little different. They’re apple cores, to be precise.

24. Paper Plate Apple Craft

Paper Plate Apple Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: The Kindergarten Connection

Toddlers enjoy tearing paper, which makes this exercise even more enjoyable for them. Tearing paper also aids in the development of fine motor skills, which leads to a better pencil grip and handwriting. This craft requires almost minimal preparation because the children rip the paper.

A toddler can’t perform all of these activities on his own; he needs help, inspiration, and guidance, which you can only provide as parents. Let’s take action in our young angel’s life this fall to assist him in achieving his creativity, starting with the fruit he learned first—the apple.

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