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“at” Word Family Flashcards for Kids – Free Printables

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“at” Word Family Flashcards for Kids – Free Printables

Since knowledge and awareness is the final purpose to make kids literate and induce development then vocabulary can never be undervalued. A strong vocabulary enhances all areas of conversation and language like hearing, talking, learning, and writing. The kids need to learn new words for them to increase their intellectual abilities. The growth of the vocabulary is undeviatingly related to success at the school level.

In this edition, we have brought some flashcards sheets relating to the “AT” word. When the kid is in the age of  3 to 5 years, the learning process begins to be more comprehensive for the kids. During this particular period, it is significant to accommodate the kids with the different concepts.

“at” Word Family Flashcards for Kids

Download Free Flashcard Printable Pdf

The first sheet has words like BAT, CAT, MAT, RAT, and HAT. Try being more creative by using more advanced vocabulary and present illustration words so the kid can acquire to experience new words based on information associated with words they are aware of. The essential thing is to make the kids work and practice so that it would help them to stay ahead and lead to their development. Creating and framing words and sentences that are somewhat past the kid’s mental level will help uncover a more influential vocabulary.

“at” Word Family Flashcards for Kids- 1

“at” Word Family Flashcards for Kids

The second sheet has words like HAT, PAT, SAT, VAT. There are various methods to insert the process of vocabulary into a kid’s daily routine. Contracting the kid into meaningful discussions and making the children go through different words is a great way to increase or strengthen vocabulary skills. Having new ideas can be very essential for young energetic kids. The parents should play an important role in sticking with the kids so that they do not get bored and stay active throughout the process.

We have got the pictures representing the words just to make things interesting. These flashcards will help to increase a kid’s vocabulary and understanding the same way a flower blooms when water is being given to them. These flashcard sheets are highly recommended that help the kids to begin to use a variety of words, with greater diversity to grow vocabulary abilities.

Give the children some task, to complete the flashcard within a time frame and create a certain sentence that justifies the given words. Most children worry and hesitate to try solving the task for the fear of being scolded if they make mistakes. Make sure, the kid doesn’t feel that way.

“at” Word Family Flashcards for Kids- 2

“at” Word Family Flashcards for Kids

So, download these free printable sheets now.

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