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Decorate Your School for Spring

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Decorate Your School for Spring

Activities for Kids

Spring is certainly a time of happiness and joy. Most noteworthy, in many cultures Spring celebrations occur with rites and festivals. Spring is considered as a season of joy because new lives bloom which had been withered in winter because as Spring advances, many flowering plants bloom.

To make this season merrier, you can be creative and make happy crafts and add to the beauty of your school/homes just like spring adds to the beauty of the earth. Not only this, but art and craft are considered to be therapy and would certainly provide relief.

Spring School Decoration Ideas

1. The Sunflower Craft

Amazing Craft Ideas for Spring The Sunflower Craft

Make this bright and lovely bunch of flowers using yellow and brown craft sheets. Make outlines of the palms of children and cut out from the craft sheet to make the hand shape petals. Children will enjoy this fun activity and you can decorate your classroom with several other bunches of different colors as well. Working together will teach children harmoniously working in a group and make them more skilled.

2. The Bunnies’ Garden

Amazing Craft Ideas for Spring The Bunnies' Garden

Make this absolutely stunning garden of rabbits with a birdhouse. Put all the children in groups for different tasks and make the best craft on the bulletin board. Make cute bunnies and ask children to name them. Also, make the birds and butterfly to show the lovely spring season. Teach students about spring and the significance of this season.

3. The Kitchen Garden and Market

Amazing Craft Ideas for Spring The Kitchen Garden and Market

Use your creativity to create this virtual market and garden. In today’s fast-moving time it is very essential to teach children the values of life and culture. First make this craft consisting of flower shops, vegetable and fruit stalls, farmers market, and a kitchen garden. Teach children about the market and how it functions.

The most important of all, tell students the importance of eating these fruits and vegetables, when children will know its nutrient value and the efforts farmers put in, they will certainly never waste the food.

4. The Easter Craft

Amazing Craft Ideas for Spring The Easter Craft

We very well know that many festivals of different cultures are celebrated in spring. One of the festivals is Easter. Make this extremely gorgeous craft with the help of your students in your classroom or the craft area. Ask them to make and decorate artificial eggs and tell them stories about easter and that why is Easter celebrated in the spring season.

When children will learn so many things and celebrate the festival together, they will become more social, interactive, and harmonious. Children will also learn to respect the cultures and festivals if they learn through this fun way.

5. The Zoo Craft

Amazing Craft Ideas for Spring The Zoo Craft

Children get very excited whenever they have to visit a zoo, but it is also important that the children know the reality of everything. Create this awesome craft and tell kids about the plight of animals in zoos and dolphin amusement parks.

It is very essential that the children have a reality check and as the saying goes,” every drop counts to make an ocean”, the same way these small initiatives will help to bring a change in the world and maybe we can help to set these innocent animals free.

6. The Farmhouse Craft

Amazing Craft Ideas for Spring The Farmhouse Craft


Amazing Craft Ideas for Spring

Make these exquisite farmhouses using colorful craft sheets. It is challenging but where is the fun without a challenge. Make these cute cows, chickens, ducks, sheep, and horses with lovely grass and flowers. Teach children about various animals and dairy and dairy products.

Tell kids the sweaters that we wear are made from the wool of these sheep. This happy spring craft is a treat to the eyes and will engage children in something so productive and happy. Both the pictures shown below are two amazing ideas for making a farmhouse craft.

7. The Pot Flowers

The Pot Flowers

Make these lovely pots with flowers. Ask every student to make one such pot and then decorate them together. It is a great idea of decorating your school as well as enhancing the skills of children. Children will develop spatial skills and a stronger imagination.

8. The Sunflower Garden

The Sunflower Garden

Give a task to your students to make this stunning sunflower garden craft and then search and tell about the uses of sunflowers. Tell the children that the sunflowers not only add aesthetic value to our gardens but also the sunflower seeds are a source of oil that is used for several purposes, mainly cooking.

9. The Farmhouse Craft

The Farmhouse Craft

Make this splendid farmhouse using different craft sheets. Create this hut at the entrance of the door. Make these cows, pigs, and ducks and tell children farm animals stories with moral lessons. Ask each student to prepare one such story and narrate them using the farm animals. Children will love this storytelling session and learn from it.

10. The Birds Craft

The Birds Craft

Make these little cute birds craft and use it to decorate the doors and cupboards. Assign one door to each child and ask them to use their innovative mind and show amazing craft designs. It will help children in the hand to eye coordination and the development of their brain in various ways.

11. The Sea Creatures Craft

The Sea Creatures Craft

Create this extraordinary craft using animal-shaped balloons and make other handcrafts using scrap papers. Keep the children’s water tub. Tell kids movie and book stories such as “Finding Nemo” and many more. With this craftwork, it will give children a more realistic environment and that way children will retain what they learn.

12. The Door Decoration

The Door Decoration

You should always use your skills in real life and that way with the help of creativity and such amazing skills make a better place to live in, teach children the same, and about many things that can be taught through craft. For instance, decorate the doors and walls of your school with different craft ideas, like one with the owls shown below. This is an effective way of cost-cutting and mind development.

13. The Kitchen Garden Craft

The Kitchen Garden Craft

Make the craft of the kitchen garden and ask children to show various vegetables of their choice. Ask children to learn about the nutrient value of each vegetable. With such crafts, you can decorate the walls of your school and even the walls will be teaching some or the other thing.

14. The Library Craft

The Library Craft

This is a great idea for decorating your library. Make the reading area more interesting with these stickers with children reading books and tell children the value of books and reading and that knowledge is the greatest strength one has and how reading is key to this strength.

15. The Playing Area Craft

The Playing Area Craft

Decorate the play area of kids with these craft ideas. You can also decorate the classrooms with this spring theme and that how spring is considered as a life-giver and how withered seeds turn into blooming plants in spring and make nature happy.

Try all these amazing craft ideas and make your spring happier and more colorful, one which is also learning. It is an exemplary way of developing a child’s mind and social life through a fun way when even without realizing children culminate these values and lessons taught through craft. Connect to us in the comment section and tell us if there is something that you want us to post about. Check out other posts related to fashion, design, craft, and kids on our website.

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