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Creative Magic Trick Ideas For Kids

Creative Magic Trick Ideas For Kids

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Creative Magic Trick Ideas For Kids

Seeing magic tricks performed by magicians is really fun. Every magic has some kind of science behind it. Everyone can perform magic if they follow and observe the science behind it.

We bring you some of the magic trick ideas which can be performed easily by people of any age group. All of these tricks are very easy and will surely teach you something new. 

Easy Magic Trick Ideas for Kids

Ice cube lifting with string

This is a really fun activity with some science behind it. You have to get your hands on some little things. You’ll need some ice cubes, strings, salt, and a cup of water. You can add a little food color to the water so that the ice is visible properly. Put two ice cubes in a cup of water and place a string on top of both the cubes. Add some salt to the water. Wait for a minute. Because of the salt, the ice cubes will melt quickly as it reduces the temperature of the water. However, as the salt overindulges in the water, the temperature will decrease again and the ice will freeze again. Because of this, the strings will stick to the ice and you can pull out the cubes with just a string.

Ice cube lifting with string Easy Magic Trick Ideas for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog 

Money Roll Over

This money roll-over trick is quite interesting and easy to perform. No special materials are required to do this activity. You’ll need 2 notes of different values. Place the 1st note on a table. Place the other note perpendicular to the first note. Make sure to line up the side of the top note with the bottom of the first note. Roll the two notes up starting from the bottom. Now, unroll the notes and you’ll see that they had switched positions in the rollover with the first note being on top of the second note.  

Money Roll Over

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Easy Coin Bending Magic Trick

For this trick, you’ll need a ten-cent coin. Hold the coin with both hands, your thumbs should be on the back of the coin and your first and second fingers should be on the front. Push the thumbs forward and pull the fingers to the edge of the coin. Next, move your both hands inwards so that the backs of your hands move forward, towards each other. Don’t remove your thumbs from the coin. Move your hands back into the starting position and repeat until the coin appears to bend.

Easy Coin Bending Magic Trick Easy Magic Trick Ideas for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Staying Close to Home

 Anti Gravity Glass

For this trick, you’ll need a few playing cards, scissors, see-through sticky tape, and a plastic cup. Cut one of the cards in half across the length and stick the see-through sticky tape along the cut edge of the card. Now stick the half card onto the back of the other playing card to get a flip card. Stick a little tape on the other side of the half card. Here you got your ‘gimmick’ for the anti-gravity glass trick.

 Anti Gravity Glass

Image Source/Tutorial: Magic Trick for Kids

Disappearing Toothpick Trick

For this activity, all you need is a toothpick and some tape. Put a small tape to the toothpick. Now, tape the toothpick to the back of your thumb. Now, you’ve to practice it before showing it to someone else. Hold the toothpick so it looks like you’re holding it in your hands. Swipe your one hand over it while quickly opening your hand so the toothpick goes to the back. You have to keep your hands swiping to draw the eye there instead of on the toothpick. You have to show that you don’t have it. Be careful not to show the back of your hand.

Disappearing Toothpick Trick Easy Magic Trick Ideas for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: All For The Boys

Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

This can be a little tricky so you must practice it beforehand. Fill a glass with water and put a rope inside the glass. Be careful and try to hold the rope straight and float the cup without any support. Practice more and you’ll be able to do it. 

Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Castle View Academy

So these are some of the easy and interesting magic trick ideas which anyone can do without much effort. All of these tricks are simple yet amazing and will help in enhancing your creative skills. 

Don’t forget to drop your valuable comments so that we keep on providing you with easy creative ideas. Also, you can visit our website to get more such DIY easy ideas.

FAQ on Creative magic trick ideas

1. What are the most popular magic trick ideas for kids?

The most popular magic tricks for kids include card tricks, disappearing acts, and levitation illusions.

2. How can I make my own magic tricks?

Making your own magic tricks is easy with a little bit of practice and some simple materials. To get started, try some of the easy tricks that are available in magic kits or online tutorials.

3. What supplies do I need to perform magic tricks?

Most magic tricks require a few simple supplies such as playing cards, coins, handkerchiefs, and other small objects. You will also need to practice in order to perfect a trick.

4. What are some good magic tricks for beginners?

Some good magic tricks for beginners are card tricks, rope tricks, and coin tricks. You can also learn simple sleight of hand tricks to impress your audience.

5. How can I make a magic wand?

Making a magic wand is easy and fun. You can use a dowel rod, a branch from your backyard, or a piece of cardboard. You can decorate the wand with ribbons, glitter, and other decorations to make it look magical.

6. How can I make my own magic box?

Making a magic box is a great way to perform magic tricks. You can use a cardboard box, a shoebox, or any other container to make your own box. Decorate the box with paint, stickers, or other decorations to make it look magical.

7. What is the best way to learn magic tricks?

The best way to learn magic tricks is by reading books, watching tutorials online, or taking a class. You can also practice with a friend or family member to get better.

8. What age is appropriate for performing magic tricks?

Most magic tricks are suitable for children ages 8 and up. However, some tricks may require more practice and skill so it’s best to check the age recommendation before attempting a trick.

9. What safety precautions should I take when performing magic tricks?

When performing magic tricks, it’s important to make sure that everyone is safe. Make sure that the audience is a safe distance away and that all props are securely in place.

10. How can I make a magic show more entertaining?

Making a magic show more entertaining is all about practice and presentation. Make sure you practice your tricks before the show and use some props or decorations to make the performance more exciting. Also, use music, sound effects, and audience participation to keep the audience engaged.

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