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Ducks In Pond Craft Using Clay Cool Craft For Kids

Ducks In Pond Craft Using Clay Cool Craft For Kids

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Ducks In Pond Craft Using Clay Cool Craft For Kids

Learn how to make adorable little duck sculptures to decorate a garden pond. With just a few supplies and a little bit of creativity, kids can create a special pond of their very own.

Welcome to an exciting and fun craft adventure! Are you ready to dive into the world of creativity and create your very own Ducks in Pond craft using clay? Get ready to roll, mold, and shape colorful clay into adorable ducks that will bring your imagination to life. With easy-to-follow steps and helpful images, you’ll learn how to texture the clay, add googly eyes, and even draw water waves and a tree. This craft is perfect for kids who love getting their hands dirty and exploring their artistic side. So, gather your materials, and let’s embark on this delightful journey of crafting cute ducks swimming in a peaceful pond. Get ready to make a splash with your creativity!

Ducks In Pond Craft Using Clay Cool Craft For Kids

Ducks In Pond Craft Using Clay Cool Craft For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Pink clay
  • Blue circular sheet (for the background)
  • Green sketch pen
  • Red clay (for the duck’s beak)
  • Googly eyes
  • Black gel pen or marker
  • White and purple markers (for the tree leaves)


Step 1: Rolling and Shaping the Pink Clay

Rolling and Shaping the Pink Clay make a creative art- Creating Duck Figurines In A Pond With Clay - A Fun Activity For Little Ones

Take the pink clay and roll it in your hands to make it soft and pliable. Use the image provided as a reference for the shape of the duck. To create a more interesting backdrop for your craft, place the blue circular sheet as the background.

Step 2: Molding the Clay

Molding the Clay is a fun craft idea for kids- Molding Ducks In A Pool Of Clay - A Cool Project For Kids

Mold the clay by rolling it along a surface, such as a table or your palm. The image provided will guide you in shaping the clay. Stay tuned for the next step, where we will transform the clay into a duck.

Step 3: Texturing and Shaping the Clay

Texturing and Shaping the Clay that involves a pond and clay ducks- Making Duck Models In A Pond With Clay - A Creative Activity For Children

Refer to the image for this step to texture the clay and shape it into a duck. Follow the contours and details carefully, ensuring that your duck resembles the one shown.

Step 4: Creating the Body Shape

Creating the Body Shape to make a pond scene out of clay- Sculpting Ducks In A Pond Of Clay - An Interesting Project For Kids

Continue molding the clay until you notice an “S” shape. This indicates that you have correctly shaped the duck’s body. For the head of the duck, tilt the front side of the “S” shaped clay duck towards the bottom, as demonstrated in the image.

Step 5: Making the Tail

Making the Tail to make a cool craft featuring ducks- Carving Ducks In A Pond Of Clay - A Fun Craft For Children

To create the tail part, extend the back portion of the duck’s body. Press it to make it flat and pointed, just like the image provided.

Step 6: Crafting the Beak

Crafting the Beak For a fun craft- Building Ducks In A Pond Of Clay - A Great Task For Youngsters

Now, let’s make the beak. Use a triangular piece of red clay and attach it to the head of the duck, as shown in the image.

Step 7: Adding Googly Eyes

Adding Googly Eyes create a pond scene with ducks out of clay

To give your duck a lively appearance, attach a googly eye on either side of the duck’s head. You can use a single googly eye or both, depending on your preference.

Step 8: Drawing Water Waves

Drawing Water Waves ducks in a pond is a great idea for kids

With our first duck complete, let’s add some water waves to the scene. Take a green sketch pen and draw waves in a curved pattern on the blue circular sheet. Use your imagination to create a realistic water effect.

Step 9: Adding More Ducks (Optional)

Adding More Ducks (Optional) have a blast making a duck-

If you wish to add more ducks to your craft, simply repeat the steps mentioned above. Create additional ducks just like you did this one. Feel free to explore and use your creativity to make your crafts more impressive and meaningful.

Step 10: Sketching the Tree

Sketching the Tree Get creative and have the kids make a pond and clay ducks

Let’s add a tree to our craft! Use a black gel pen or marker to sketch a tree with big pointed branches. Refer to the attached image for guidance on how to begin. The tree will add a natural element to the overall scene.

Step 11: Drawing Colorful Leaves

Drawing Colorful Leaves for the tress Cool Craft For Kids

For the leaves of the tree, use a white and purple marker. Draw each leaf in a way that alternates between the two colors, giving the tree a vibrant and colorful appearance. Continue until you have completed the branch section of the tree.

Yours Duck Clay Craft Is Ready!!

Completion and Conclusion Ducks In Pond Craft Using Clay Cool-

Congratulations! You have completed your Ducks in Pond craft using clay. We hope you enjoyed this creative activity. Remember, you can always visit our website for more crafty articles and ideas. Keep exploring and have fun with your crafts!

In this craft project, we learned how to make adorable ducks in a pond using clay. By following the step-by-step instructions and referring to the accompanying images, you created a beautiful scene with ducks, water waves, and a tree. This craft not only encourages creativity but also helps develop fine motor skills. We hope you had a great time making this craft and invite you to explore our website for more exciting craft ideas. Happy crafting!

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