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How To Make Clay flower Artwork easy Tutorial for Kids

How To Make Clay flower Artwork easy Tutorial for Kids

Clay Crafts

How To Make Clay flower Artwork easy Tutorial for Kids

Make a beautiful clay flower artwork craft in just some simple steps and with budget-friendly supplies in minutes! This tutorial will guide you to each step of this clay craft making!  

Welcome to the wonderful world of craft tutorials for making beautiful flowers! This clay craft is an easy way to get your kids involved in a fun learning activity instead of wasting time on their devices! This craft will bring delight o the kids while exploring their artistic minds! Using the clay gives the craft a 3D effect which will surely catch everyone’s eyes! Decorate your room with this amazing creation! This tutorial includes step-by-step easy instructions for making this craftwork like a pro! The craft is suitable for kids of all ages and will definitely be a banger! Grab your clay and equipment to create this craft now!

Simple Flower Clay Artwork For Kids

How To Make Clay flower Artwork easy Tutorial for Kids

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Materials Required

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Colored Clay (Pink, Green, And Yellow)
  • Light Green Sketch Pen
  • Black Marker


Step 1: Drawing Wavy Stems Of The Flowers

Drawing Wavy Stems Of The Flowers- Learn To Create Clay Floral Art Easily With This Step-By-Step Guide For Children

For the first step, take a white circular paper sheet and using a light green sketch pen draw random wavy stems over the sheet.

Step 2: Taking Out A Piece Of Pink Clay

Taking Out A Piece Of Pink Clay- A Simple Tutorial On Crafting Clay Blooms For Little Ones

Now, take a pink-colored clay, stretch it, and pluck out a small piece of clay from the whole.

Step 3: Making Small Round Clay Balls

Making Small Round Clay Balls- A Kid-Friendly Guide To Crafting Clay Flowers With Ease

From the clay, make small round balls out of it.

Step 4: Making A Flower

Making A Flower- A Tutorial To Help Kids Make Clay Flower Creations With Ease

Attach and press 5 clay balls in a circle to form a flower.

Step 5: Completing And Sticking The Flower

Completing And Sticking The Flower- A Tutorial To Make Clay Flowers Easily For Children

Using a clay tool, make small lines over the petals and stick over a yellow clay circle in the middle of the flower to complete it. Now, gently press and stick the flower over the paper and a stem.

Step 6: Sticking More Flowers

Sticking More Flowers-An Easy Tutorial For Kids To Create Clay Flower Artwork

Following the previous same steps, make more flowers and stick them one by one over each stem.

Step 7: Completing Sticking The Flowers

Completing Sticking The Flowers- A Step-By-Step Guide To Help Kids Make Clay Flower Art Easily

Make sure to stick flowers over each and every stem.

Step 8: Making Leaves

Making Leaves- Learn How To Make Clay Flower Artwork Quickly With This Tutorial For Kids

For making leaves, make tiny round green clay balls and press to flatten them and stick them over the sheet along the stems.

Step 9: Making A Bee

Making A Bee-

Dough a yellow clay into a small ball and press it over the paper and above the flower to give it an oval shape for making a bee.

Step 10: Detailing The Bee

Detailing The Bee- A Guide To Help Kids Easily Create Clay Flower Art

Add details to the bee with a black marker and draw an eye, curvy stripe lines on the clay body, wings, antennas, and the spikey tails at the back.

Now, The Final Look Of Your Clay Flower Craft!

Now, The Final Look Of Your Clay Flower Craft!- A Simple Tutorial For Little Ones To Make Clay Flower Artwork

For the final step, make 2 more bees by following the same previously mentioned steps.

Voila! Your amazing clay bees over flowers craft is ready in no time! Show it off to your friends and family and flaunt your crafting skills by teaching them to make it too! This artwork craft will suit best as a kid’s room decor! Let them unleash their creativity through this artwork and let them wander into their pretty imagination of beautiful flowers!

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