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Easy Birds Drawings for Kids


Easy Birds Drawings for Kids

Looking for easy-to-make bird drawings for animal lovers? You’re in the right place! Explore these drawings and start a creative journey with these cute bird drawings.

Easy Birds Drawings for Kids

Flying Swan

 Easy Birds Drawings for Kids Flying Swan

Swan is a water bird with a white body, legs to swim, and a beak. They are famous for their pure white color. They are very easy to draw. You can make your kindergarteners and preschoolers draw this easy and extremely simple water bird in their drawing books. Color can be filled in this drawing to enhance its beauty.

Dancing Peacock

Dancing Peacock

Peacocks are the most beautiful of all birds. They have amazing colorful feathers. These are the rainy season birds. Peacocks open up their feathers and dance during the rain. It is indeed a perfect view to watch. The violet, green, and different shades of blue color make the peacock look more amazing.

This beautiful dancing peacock can be made by kids easily. Provide them with a plain white drawing sheet and let the magic happen. Kids can be told to fill colors in this peacock drawing to make it look more beautiful.

Sparrow Bird

 Easy Birds Drawings for Kids Sparrow Bird

This little sparrow with twinkling eyes is the perfect drawing idea for your kids. It is very easy to draw and is less time-consuming. Draw a tree branch and the sparrow sitting on it. Make the eyes sparkly to make the drawing more appealing to the eyes of the viewer. Add the little paws of the bird. And there you go, the cute easy sparrow drawing is ready.

Baby Parrot

Baby Parrot

Parrots are the most preferred bird pets of people because of the cuteness they carry. Parrots are green in color and have a cherry red color beak. They also have a black band around their neck. Parrots are famous because they can speak words like humans. They love eating green chilies and it is their favorite diet.

So why not let our kids create this cute baby parrot drawing and be creative. It is a very simple drawing. Colors can be filled in it after the completion of the drawing to make it look more beautiful and colorful.

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