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Easy to Draw Animals for Kids


Easy to Draw Animals for Kids

Hello creative people! Let’s make our kids learn about new tactics and skills to sketch various animals and cartoon characters. Through the activities that are going to be done today, we can teach our children some new and powerful skills that are required for overall growth. 

They will acquire fine motor skills and sensory skills, moreover, the activities will make them learn some factual information about the sketches that are given below.

Easy to Draw Animals for Kids

An Electric Little Cutie

An electric little cutie Cute Animal Drawings for Kids

Is your child a fan of Pokemon?  If yes, then this sketch is meant for your kid. A sketch of a Pokemon that any child would like to draw. Here we have a species of Pokemon that is known as Pikachu. The fictional animal is yellow, the little Pichu has a zig-zag tail. This is a male Pikachu, you can tell because females have a dent on their tails. Pikachu is a Japanese name, in English, it means Electric-Crackling mouse. Though the creators say that it’s neither a rat nor a squirrel. The sketch of this pokemon is cute and vivid, and your kid would be excited to sketch this.

Explore Beautiful Nature

This sketch has a motive to make children learn about various fascinating animals that live on this beautiful planet. We can observe a total of nine land and water animals that are drawn. A giraffe that has a long neck to reach tall trees for shoots and fruits. We see dogs, cats, and rats almost every day. A frog is a tailless water animal that drinks water through its skin. It has a long tongue through which it catches insects and butterflies.

A cute butterfly is also drawn. It functions as a source to pollinate different species of plants. An admiring koala bear, that lives on a tree and has black and gray fur. A hen is a flightless bird and has a crown on its head. Its colorful tails have an admiring feature, and we all know that a monkey is a clever animal that likes to annoy humans. The kids will learn lots of facts about these animals.

A Playful And Friendly Puppy

A Playful And Friendly Puppy Cute Animal Drawings for Kids

Children admire puppies and they would love to draw one too. The puppy in the above sketch is seen as very happy and playful. Puppies are adorable little creatures and their level of cuteness can’t be denied. Puppies are born deaf and blind and to develop their brains they need 16 to 20 hours of sleep a day.

A fact that anyone can’t say no to petting a puppy, because of their fluffy, cute, pretty, and warm behavior. The kid should draw the puppy to do the necessary practice. The sketch could be applied with suitable colors as well to make it look like a masterpiece.

Miss Rabbit

Miss Rabbit

Miss Rabbit is a character that is a female rabbit from the famous cartoon series Peppa Pig. Lots of kids are a fan of this series and also a fan of Peppa who is a piglet. The sketch has a lot of details and a variety of objects to draw that can keep your child busy. As depicted in the sketch, Miss Rabbit is sick and might have a fever.

Let me tell you that she is a very hard-working person in the whole town and she got a medal for the same from the Queen. She has a lot of jobs to do for which she gets help from all the members of the show. Through this sketch, your kid will learn a lot of new things to draw and color.

Different Ways To Draw A Rat

Different Ways To Draw A Rat Cute Animal Drawings for Kids

Here is a sketch through which we can teach our children how a person can express oneself through art. As we can see a rat is drawn in four creative ways. Starting from the top, the first sketch is a technical one that is drawn from numbers. The second and fourth arts are also drawn from numbers. This sketch is a fun way to make toddlers learn numbers. The third art contains a message, “I Love You” which is a pretty amazing way to express your love to others. The sketch is simply genius and education itself. Your kid should sketch it.

That’s all for today, and it’s the end. We learned a lot of new skills, tricks, and tactics to draw simply satisfying sketches of animals and cartoon characters, that could teach a child any new factual information about them. 

Do visit other activities to take your kid on a learning and exciting adventure.

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