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Emotions Flashcards For Kids- Free Printable


Emotions Flashcards For Kids- Free Printable

Activities for Kids

Hey there viewers! There is no denying the fact that these days, texting is the most popular mode of communication. As time goes by, more and more people are taking up texting instead of communicating through calls or speaking face to face in general. Even though it has its benefits, there are several limitations to it. Using texts to communicate, we cannot express how we feel clearly. It often leads to miscommunication and misinterpretation.

It is human to feel and express ourselves. Throughout our life, we human being experience several emotions. These emotions make us who we are. We get agitated, frustrated, excited, happy, sad, nervous, jealous, frightened, worried, angry, and embarrassed. While it is easy for us to express our emotions generally, emotions are subjective states of mind and it is this state of mind that is conveyed through emojis when we text. In real-life scenarios, we communicate our feelings through facial expressions and our behavior, but it is impossible to do so over texts. The person on the other side can’t see how we react to a certain thing he said. An emoji’s primary function is to fill in emotional cues otherwise missing from the typed conversation.

Emotions Flashcards For Kids

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Emojis allow us to express how we feel during texting. Introduced originally in late 1997 on Japanese phones, emojis are used frequently. Originally meaning pictograph, the word ’emoji’ comes from the Japanese words ‘e’ and ‘moji’ which mean picture and character respectively.

There are several emojis used throughout the world. Primarily these are smiley faces that convey different emotions such as happiness, disgust, frenzy, sadness, and more.  Children are fully aware of emojis by the time they are in their teens. While there are plenty of emojis to be used, varying from simple smileys to characters and more, the most common used emojis according to a 2019 survey are:

  • Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes.
  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing.
  • Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes.
  • Folded Hands.
  • Two Hearts.

We bring to you, these flashcards with emojis to get your students acquainted with the common emojis.

Emotions Flashcards For Kids- 1

Emotions Flashcards For Kids

Emotions Flashcards For Kids- 2

Emotions Flashcards For Kids

Emotions Flashcards For Kids- 3

Emotions Flashcards For Kids

Emotions Flashcards For Kids- 4

Emotions Flashcards For Kids

In this day and age, it is vital to stay updated on recent trends. Our emoji flashcards allow your kids to understand what emojis are all about. You can use these to help them identify the different emojis or you can start a fun game with a group of children in which they communicate only using flashcards. Download and get started now!

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Activities for Kids
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