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Feminist Flashcards – Free Printables

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Feminist Flashcards – Free Printables

Every year on October 11, the United Nations commemorate International Day of the Girls and the remarkable skill and empowerment of girls in our society. This day tells us the importance of girls in our society that they are no less than men in terms of achieving the global purposes for the overall development of our society. In short and simple words, to succeed, we have to educate and believe in girl power.

In this edition, we have brought flashcard sheets relating to “GIRL POWER” for the young learners. Centrally, this is a part where human rights come into play. Unfairness and discrimination against girls are next to zero nowadays, back in the day people never wanted to see a girl succeed at anything. But now every girl has the right to education, safety from violence, gets all the health services, the respect that they deserve, and fully cooperates in society.

Feminist Flashcards

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The first sheet has a flashcard mentioning Ambitious, Inspirational, Decisive, Motivated, Capable, Empowered, Resourceful, and Innovative. Every word in the sheet has its own deep meaning for the girls. Research has shown that every new year of any school in the world pays the girls more than than the men, and the money the girls earn they save or invest for their family. Ambitious, Decisive girls have more robust, better-educated children and more soaring wages which ultimately helps to remove poverty. This also works as a motivation mechanism for the women of the next generation to work hard to deserve what’s rightfully theirs.

Feminist Flashcards- 1

Feminist Flashcards

The next sheet has abilities like Courageous, Powerful, Strong, Confident, Adventurous, Determined, Creative, and Ambitious. The women in our country need to be nurtured and build trust and communication skills. Girls should be open to creative ideas, as the change happens slowly. This is the true purpose of Girl Power. Many great women dedicated their lives to bring change into the life of the women and set for the most brilliant young minds in the world.

Feminist Flashcards- 2

Feminist Flashcards

The last sheet has abilities like Leader, Empathetic, Persistent, and Sincere. It is the duty of every individual to consciously promote girl power and to encourage others that it is conceivable to do good in the world and make it a better place. Generate a full mindset and dedicate as much time as girls and women can to become better enthusiasts and people.

Feminist Flashcards- 3

Feminist Flashcards

So, download these free printable flashcard sheets now.

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