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Values Flashcards for Kids – Free Printables

June Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables


Values Flashcards for Kids – Free Printables

The modern lifestyle of people has transformed almost every stage of our lives. Parenting has been a huge part of it, and the children suffer because of it. In school, children learn discipline and are punished for their bad deeds. But even before going to school, the children need to learn values and morals, the parents are going to help them in this. Nowadays, the focus of the parents has shifted more towards education than ethical learning. Through which the kids learn the textbook knowledge but lack behind in their moral behaviors.

In this edition, we have brought flashcard sheets relating to “VALUES” which are very important for young learners. Sometimes the overload of work leads to the lack of moral studies in a child’s career. Children need to spend more time outdoors with their parents and friends than staying indoors and playing video games. These things will enrich them with great moral values.

Values Flashcards for Kids

Download Free Flashcard Printable Pdf

The first sheet has moral values like Friendship, Family, Education, Fashion, Achievement, and Money. These cards indicate different values which a child needs more than ever. They need proper guidance because there’s just too much confusion and abstraction around them that can lead them sauntering.

Values Flashcards for Kids- 1

Values Flashcards for Kids

The second sheet has values like Beauty, Technology, Compassion, Adventure, Faith, and Creativity. Acknowledging good moral values at an early age creates a child’s personality. It creates the very essence of their presence and becomes the basis of their moral convictions. This is why it’s necessary to start preparing them for moral values while they’re still young.

Values Flashcards for Kids- 2

Values Flashcards for Kids

The third sheet has words like Love, Bravery, Acceptance, Popularity, Honesty, and Freedom. These values form them to match the personality the child wants to be. If the child does something naughty, and the parents don’t correct them, they’ll begin to think that it’s absolutely perfect to do it on a repetitive basis. Use those little moments to help them transform into a better person.

Values Flashcards for Kids- 3

Values Flashcards for Kids

The next sheet has words like Winning, Happiness, Peace, Environment, Rules, and Success. A child who has a powerful moral range will not just wait and watch when an infringement is occurring. They will fight for it and try to correct it.

Values Flashcards for Kids- 4

Values Flashcards for Kids

When children can describe what is right and what is wrong, they can also find out the difference between the good from the bad. This nurse them to shape their opinion of the world. This is why these flashcard sheets are important.

Values Flashcards for Kids- 5

Values Flashcards for Kids


The next sheet has values like Openness, Knowledge, Respect, Security, Personal Growth, and Service. The moral lessons the parents teach their children today will conclude how the child will function when they become grown-ups.

Values Flashcards for Kids- 6

Values Flashcards for Kids

The next sheet has values like Stability, Integrity, Forgiveness, Fairness, Connection, and Fame. It’s absolutely common for teenagers and young children to look up to their friends and learn from them, but not when their friends are doing something wrong.

Values Flashcards for Kids- 7Values Flashcards for Kids

The last sheet has words like Independence, Belonging, Community, Diversity, Excellence, and Accuracy. These cards will help the kids to get strong moral grounds and be more confident in themselves. They will not feel the need to follow the inclination of something, especially when someone is trying to force it on them.

So, download these free printable flashcard sheets now.

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