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Sight Words Flashcards – Free Printables


Sight Words Flashcards – Free Printables

Words are the building blocks of a sentence.  It is essential to have an arsenal of words to read and write in any language. When children are young they are taught o speak. At first, they sound out little sounds, and with time they go on to pronounce bigger words as they learn new words.

Usually, children break words down and decode them to learn how to pronounce them but there arises a problem. Not all words can be learnt that way. English is a vast language and there are several words that can’t be learnt easily since they do not have an image that young students can associate them with. To counter this problem, students at a very young age are introduced to sight word lists.

Sight words are words that appear often in our texts. These are high frequency or generally appearing words that students are asked to memorize by sight. Sight word lists are effective tools used at kindergartens or during homeschooling sessions all around the world. The number of words in each list varies but usually, these use an attractive colorful theme to pique the interest of students and keep them engaged in learning the words.

Sight Words Flashcards

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This week we bring to you “Pearl Sight Words Flashcards” for you to teach your student or kids these twenty new words. The words in these vary from color names, numbers to other general words. The words in the list are black, blue, eight, green, hour, light, brown, minute, month, dark, nine, orange, red, second, seven, six, ten, week, white and yellow.

Sight Words Flashcards- 1

Sight Words Flashcards

Sight Words Flashcards- 2

Sight Words Flashcards

Sight Words Flashcards- 3

Sight Words Flashcards

Sight Words Flashcards- 4

Sight Words Flashcards

When children start reading, it is common for them to break down words to pronounce words that aren’t easy. This ends up taking a lot more time than is required for the task. Memorizing sight words eliminates this need to break down the words since if kids already know the words by heart there is no need for them to spend time doing the same. It is in this way that sight words are useful.

Our worksheets are effective as they feature vibrant colors with commonly used words. There are several other flashcard sheets featuring different colors and words on our website. Use these flashcards to teach your students or kids these words. You can ask them to memorize it by handing them the flashcards. Download now and get started. Be sure to browse our website for more flashcards!

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