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Simple Sentences Flashcards -Free Printable Worksheet


Simple Sentences Flashcards -Free Printable Worksheet

Hey there viewers. This week we present to you a fun exercise for your kid to participate in and learn a bit more.

So your kid has learned to recognize some of the various animals around us. He can also form sentences now and is able to read. But do you need something to test it out? Say no more! Our ‘simple sentences flip printable’ is sure to help you with that. The activity is fun and simple. Download the worksheet and print these out. Cut out the picture of the image on the right side. (Use the guidelines to cut these out.) Once it’s done, ask your kid to select one of the sentences and hold out the card with the animal’s picture on it.

Simple Sentences Flashcards

Download Free Flashcard Printable Pdf

The following exercises would test your children’s ability to read the sentences and understand what it means. It would allow them to name a few common animals. The first sheet names animals such as a bat, dog, and a pig.

Simple Sentences Flashcards- 1

Simple Sentences Flashcards

This is the second sheet. Here the animals are a cat, a fox, and an ant. You can always use these to test their ability to define a certain species of animals while they are at it. Ask him to write some lines on the animal. This would ensure that they grasp and learn more.

Simple Sentences Flashcards- 2

Simple Sentences Flashcards

There are several ways in which you can use these sheets. You can also ask the children to paste the sentence along with the picture of the animal that it names in their scrapbook. It has been proven very effective to engage children by using art and crafts while teaching to help them enjoy the process and retain more of what they are taught. The final three animals in the worksheet are a cow, rat, and a bee

Simple Sentences Flashcards- 3

Simple Sentences Flashcards

Kids by nature are fast learners. It has been proven scientifically that we learn fast when we are young. It is thus essential to use ways that are engaging and fun so that they be attentive to the task at hand thus increasing the chances for them to learn easily. We bring worksheets, flashcards and use other methods for students to learn in an easy manner while enjoying the activities. Visit our website and browse for such educational content.

Download the ‘simple sentences flip worksheet’ and get started with the worksheet now! Be sure to cut these out for your kids as their safety is of paramount significance.

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