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Syllable Rules Flashcards For Kindergarten- Free Printable Worksheet

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Syllable Rules Flashcards For Kindergarten- Free Printable Worksheet

Syllable division rules explain how to break up a single word into its syllable parts. Learning syllable division rules provide the kids an adequate plan to understand the concept of the bigger words into more easy parts. Comprehending the syllable division concept also encourages the kids to ascertain what the word will sound like.

In this edition, we have brought some flashcards that will help your kid to understand the pronunciation of the words. For example, Basket is written as Bas-Ket. To get to that concept, the parents need to teach the children those syllable division rules and give them sufficient practice so that it enhances their skills even more.

Syllable Rules Flashcards For Kindergarten

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The other words are Cabin, Basic, and Candle. The kid needs to divide the words into two different parts. Here he will also understand the fundamentals of Vowels and consonants. Every syllable needs a vowel, so the determination of how many syllables are there in a vowel can be ascertained.

Rules of Syllable Division-

1. VCCV Pattern-

The first syllable division rule is VCCV, which elaborates itself to be vowel-consonant-consonant-vowel. Make your kid practice to find out the vowel.  For the word basket, the first syllable is BAS and the second syllable is KET. Each syllable has a vowel.

2. VCV Pattern-
This describes the Vowel-Consonant-Vowel. For example, in Cabin, there is a Vowel, then a consonant, and then a vowel again. Sometimes, we break the syllables after the consonant.

3. C+LE

This means if a word ends with a  consonant -le, split before the consonant. This is the syllable type where there is no vowel sound. For example, in Candle, while pronouncing the -le is silent.

Syllable Rules Flashcards For Kindergarten- 1

Syllable Rules Flashcards For Kindergarten

4. VCCCV Pattern-

Here a word has three consonants between a vowel. For example- Complex, The first consonant m goes with the first syllable, and the other two (pl) go to the 2nd syllable: com-plex.

5. VCCCCV Pattern-

Here there are 4-5 letters between a vowel. For example- Instruct- There are the consonants (nstr) after the vowel I.

Syllable Rules Flashcards For Kindergarten- 2

Syllable Rules Flashcards For Kindergarten

This session might be a bit confusing for the kids but it is only for their good. If you want your child to excel in these syllable division flashcards, you can download them from here.  The practice sessions come in very handy for the young kids.

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