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School Supplies Flashcard Sheets – Free Printables

Electronics Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables


School Supplies Flashcard Sheets – Free Printables

Activities for Kids

Children should be perceptive. As much as it is important for children to acquire knowledge it is more important for them to understand what’s going on around them. They should be aware of their surroundings and be aware of everything around them.

We bring to you these hand-drawn flashcard sheets of school equipment to test your child’s perceptive nature. These are general equipment that can be found in any common school. You can use these flashcards to teach your kids about the different uses of each item or ask them to identify the items they recognize.  The items range from a simple tiny eraser to expensive microscopes. Your child is definitely going to learn some new things through these flashcards.

School Supplies Flashcard Sheets

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The first item in the flashcards is glue. Glue is used to paste or stick different items with each other. Then there’s a ruler. A ruler is used for measurement, especially in mathematics class. A calculator is another device used during mathematics class. It performs mathematical calculations in no time. Then there are notebooks used for copying notes, that can be found in every student’s backpacks. Erasers are used to correct mistakes made while writing and folders are used to organize documents. Test tubes are found in laboratories.

School Supplies Flashcard Sheets- 1

School Supplies Flashcard Sheets FREE PDF PRINTABLE WORKSHEET

A pencil box is used by students to keep all their stationery items such as pens, pencils, erasers, and more, organized. A microscope is a device used to view tiny things that are not visible to the naked human eye. A tape is used to bind things together and a globe is used as a reference for the earth and the countries and continents on the planet. Magnifying glasses are used to magnify small objects and ink is used to write.

School Supplies Flashcard Sheets- 2

School Supplies Flashcard Sheets

Download the flashcards and ask your kids to identify the items. If they identify the object and cannot tell what these are used for be sure to tell them. For more flashcards and worksheets be sure to visit our website. Download now!

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Activities for Kids
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