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Oxymoron Activities Flashcards- Free Printable


Oxymoron Activities Flashcards- Free Printable

An oxymoron is usually described as a figure of speech that places the elements of different meanings together. The combination of these opposite elements helps to reveal a mystery, puzzle, or give the reader a chuckle. In this edition, we have brought flashcards relating to words that are Oxymoron’s in nature.

Oxymoron Activities Flashcards

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The first sheet given below has elements like Act Natural, Clearly Confused, Only Choice, and Random order. We use many oxymoronic expressions in daily communication, sometimes to supplement some amusement to a differently normal sentence.

If we consider the Oxymoron Act Natural- It means lurking throughout, creating difficulty, or joining a stressful condition, we frequently suggest people “act naturally.” Of course, it is oxymoronic in nature, because people act themselves in any situation. Still, we recognize the expression because, notwithstanding its incongruous components, it does make sense.

Oxymoron Activities Flashcards- 1

Oxymoron Activities Flashcards

Oxymorons are prominent and powerful in different types of ways. One might even consider these oxymorons brings a little laugh to everyday communication with irony and happiness. This sheet has items like Small Crowd, Sweet Sorrow, Honest Theif, and Passive Aggressive. The Oxymorons also question people in languages, poems, and literature with complex sentences that seemingly repudiate themselves, but upon further maneuvers, it makes sense. Oxymorons can maintain a cheerful mood or condition, as well as feature disagreement.

Oxymoron Activities Flashcards- 2

Oxymoron Activities Flashcards
This sheet has elements like Original Copy, Deafening Silence, Wise fool, and Awfully Good. Oxymorons are unparalleled in nature. At first look, they seem to be complex and disturbing, with words that oppose one another. As a comprehensive thought, an oxymoron elaborates the meaning of the latter word.

Rather than drawing away one condition from the other, the conflicting interpretations uphold the more comprehensive concept of being absolutely unsure. This stress adds an exciting conclusion to a sentence or paragraph.

Oxymoron Activities Flashcards- 3

Oxymoron Activities Flashcards

The last sheet contains elements like Old News, Exact Estimate, Good Grief, and Loud Whisper.  Oxymorons give the person a hitch and make them wonder about the circumstances or meaning in a different way. The word “Good Grief,” for example, is an oxymoron that exhibits a double-sided presence of an object or concept. As the great fictional character Michael Scott once said, “There’s such a thing as Good-Grief. Just ask Charlie Brown”. Which is both oxymoronic and sarcastic at the same time.

Oxymoron Activities Flashcards- 4

Oxymoron Activities Flashcards

Oxymorons have been used by users for decades now. From poems to literature, people have used oxymorons to add value and fun. So, download these sheets now, and turn them into flashcards of ‘Almost Exact’ shape and size.

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