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Sight Words Flashcards to Download & Learn


Sight Words Flashcards to Download & Learn

Hey there! Want to learn about the fastest way young kids can learn to read, write or speak fluently in English? Then you are at the right place. We bring to you, these ‘sight words golden list flashcards’ for your help.

Sight words are high-frequency words i.e. words that appear a lot in everyday texts. Such words are used a lot in common day-to-day speaking or writing exercises. These words don’t have an image associated with them hence children are advised to memorize them by sight. These can not be sounded using conventional phonetic principles which make it harder for kids to remember them. Hence, the use of sight word sheets is one of the most popular teaching methods employed by parents or teachers at kindergartens to help kids memorize the words.

Sight Words Flashcards

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Sight words lists have proven to be effective in teaching kids to read fluently. While it is true that when beginning with the lists it is difficult for kids to remember some words but once they master them it stays with them.  Children are introduced to such words at kindergartens. Our sight words flashcards can be used at home if you are into homeschooling your loved ones or at kindergartens.

Sight Words Flashcards- 1

Sight Words Flashcards

In total there are two sheets in this list each of which contains six words. Hence, with the help of these flashcards kids can learn twelve new words in total; a, and, be, I, in, is, it, of, that, the, to, and was.

Sight Words Flashcards- 2

Sight Words Flashcards

It is common for kids to break down words while reading something. This ends up taking a lot more time than is required for the task. Memorizing sight words eliminates this need to break down the words since if kids already know the words by heart there is no need for them to do that. It is in this way that sight words are useful.

Our worksheets are effective as they feature vibrant colors with the most commonly used words. There are several other flashcard sheets featuring different colors and words on our website. Use these flashcards to teach your students or kids these words. You can either ask them to memorize it by handing them the flashcards or use the flashcards in any other way you deem fit. Download now and get started. Be sure to browse our website for more flashcards!

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