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Planet Flashcards For Preschoolers- Free Printable Worksheet


Planet Flashcards For Preschoolers- Free Printable Worksheet

Children instinctively enjoy learning about the planets and the solar system. The kids feel that all the things they see in the sky are fascinating and they want to know more about them. Kids often ask their parents “Why do the stars glitter at night”?, “Why Don’t we see Sun at night”?, And why can’t we see other planets with our naked eyes?

In this edition, we have brought flashcards that will help your kid remember the names of the different Planets in our solar system. The first sheet below has all the planets from Earth to Neptune. Train the kid about the different planets beginning with the planet nearest to the sun, Mercury. It is most beneficial to teach children the name of the planets in choronological order because it will help them learn better.

Planet Flashcards For Preschoolers

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Parents can also tell the children, the temperature on the different planets, how far they are from Earth, etc. This will keep the kids excited and motivated. Ask them to write the names of these planets and pronounce it, as it will work on their vocabulary simultaneously.

Planet Flashcards For Preschoolers- 1

Planet Flashcards For Preschoolers

The second sheet has some other elements of our Solar System such as Rocket, Moon, Asteroid, and Sun. These flashcards allows the kid to replicate the act of education and understanding until he becomes aware of the necessary information.  Be sure to always check on the kid, whether or not he is paying attention. That is essential. Establish a way to test the knowledge of the children making them learn about the Planets.

The good part of these flashcards is that, they are 3D in nature which a kid would enjoy looking at. Kids can also be examined or questioned on the Planet names or the sequence they were taught.

Planet Flashcards For Preschoolers- 2

Planet Flashcards For Preschoolers

Download these flashcards and use the fun to allow children learn about different types of planets!

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