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Shapes Flashcards for Kindergarten – Free Printable Worksheet

Electronics Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printables


Shapes Flashcards for Kindergarten – Free Printable Worksheet

Activities for Kids

A quick look around us will tell us that we all are surrounded by different things. From a fan above our head to the four walls of a room, all these objects are distinguished by their properties such as their color, size, or shapes. One of the most important properties of these objects that help us distinguish between different objects is their shape.

Learning about shapes helps one identify and organize visual information. To kids, it is beneficial as it helps them to learn skills in areas such as reading math, and science. Through their knowledge of shapes, they differentiate between an oval egg and a cubical ice cube or any other thing for that matter. Identifying different shapes has its use in geometry too.

Shapes Flashcards for Kindergarten

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We bring the playdough shapes mat sheets to help you teach young kids about the different shapes. The shapes mats contain eight basic shapes. Teach your student or kids about their properties and use these to test if they can identify the correct ones.

  • A square shape is a regular quadrilateral. It has four equal sides and four equal angles. A piece of brown bread is a square.
  • A hexagon is a plane figure with six straight sides and angles. It is a closed two-dimensional shape made up of straight lines. It has six sides, six vertices, and six edges.
  • A rectangle is a shape that has four sides and four right angles. A currency note is rectangular in shape.
  • An octagon is a polygon of eight angles and eight sides. A common example of an octagonal-shaped object would be stop signs.
  • A star shape is a polygon. It is a convex polygon that coincides with its own kernel.
  • A pentagon is a plane figure with five straight sides and five angles. It is a closed two-dimensional shape that has five angles and five sides.
  • A triangle is a shape – more precisely it is a polygon, with three edges and three vertices. Any three points when non-collinear determine a triangle. A regular pizza slice is a triangle in shape.
  • A heptagon is a closed shape made up of seven sides and seven angles. It is a two-dimensional polygon.

Shapes Flashcards for Kindergarten- 1

Shapes Flashcards for Kindergarten

These mats can be used to maximize learning. Use our playdough shapes mats to teach your students about the different shapes as they enjoy shaping doughs into different shapes.  Download these and browse our website for more educational content.

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Activities for Kids
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