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Animal Sounds Flashcards – Download FREE Printable


Animal Sounds Flashcards – Download FREE Printable

Animals are an important part of our environment. They add a lot and it is impossible without them to sustain life on earth. Some of them maintain biodiversity, some of them provide various sources and some of them help to maintain proper balance on earth. There are different kinds of animals with different ways of living, different food, and different features. And we can’t deny that it is always interesting to know more and more about them.

Animal Sounds Flashcards – Free Printables

Download Free Flashcard Printable Pdf
We know kids love visiting zoos so we have brought zoo in these beautiful fun worksheets. This will help your kids to improvise their knowledge about animals. It will generate curiosity in your kids and will help them to grasp more knowledge. This will help their animal vocabulary and at last but most importantly will help them to identify various kinds of animals. The worksheet contains pictures of various animals which is going to be a lot of fun. The worksheet also contains information that what sound these animals make to communicate.

Animal Sounds Flashcards- 1

Animal Sounds Flashcards - Download FREE Printable- 1

In the first worksheet we have given pictures of different kinds of animals. In the picture above is the name of the given animal and below it, the name of the sound they produce is given. First test how many animals your kids can identify on their own. After that introduce them to the animals they couldn’t recognize. Tell them about the sound each animal makes. Ask them can they copy their sound. It will turn into an exciting and Knowledgable activity.

Animal Sounds Flashcards- 2Animal Sounds Flashcards - Download FREE Printable- 2

Animal Sounds Flashcards- 3

Animal Sounds Flashcards - Download FREE Printable- 3

Animal Sounds Flashcards- 4

Animal Sounds Flashcards - Download FREE Printable- 4

The worksheet contains several animals which will expand your kid’s horizons of knowledge about animals. It will help them to recognize different kinds of animals. introduce them to some facts about these animals. This will make them more interested. These pictures will help your kid remember the animals visually. This is going to make them learn a lot about the environment which will help in further classes too. print these out for future revision.

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