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Animal Flashcards for Kindergarten – Free Printable


Animal Flashcards for Kindergarten – Free Printable

Among the 8.7 million species in the world, 1-2 Million are animals.  It is thus essential to know a few of the creatures that make such a huge amount of the world’s population. Flashcards are an efficient way of introducing children to animals. These are visually appealing and help young children identify, learn their names and associate them with their images.

Animal Flashcards for Kindergarten

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We bring to you these hand-drawn animal flashcards for your kids to get acquainted with the majestic animal kingdom. Use these flashcards and ask your kid to identify the animals. If he identifies the animal correctly, tell him some facts about the animal to help him learn more. For your help, we have mentioned some facts about the several animals in the flashcards.

  • Goose – A goose is a bird of any of several waterfowl species. The plural of goose is geese.
  • Duck – Ducks are smaller and shorter-necked than swans and geese. Ducks belong to the same family of waterfowl species as a goose.
  • Pig –  The domestic pig is also known as swine or hog. It is a domesticated omnivorous animal.
  • Chicken –  The chicken is a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is a domesticated fowl, originally from South-eastern Asia reared for eggs and meat.
  • Donkey –  Donkeys (also referred to as ass) are domesticated members of the horse family.
  • Cow –  Cows are large domesticated animals raised as livestock for meat milk and hide.
  • Horse – Horses are domesticated mammals that were used in the early days as a means of transportation. These are fast runners and are still used for riding.
  • Goat –  Goats are horned mammals domesticated for meat and milk.

Animal Flashcards for Kindergarten- 1

Animal Flashcards for Kindergarten

  • Sheep – Sheep are mammals reared for their wool.
  • Rooster –  Roosters are male domestic fowl. These are known for their early morning call.
  • Rabbit – Rabbits are fluffy small mammals. They live in burrows. Male rabbits are called bucks while female rabbits are called does.
  • Mouse – Mouse is a small rodent with small rounded ears. The plural of mouse is mice.
  • Turkey – Turkeys are large birds native to North America. Turkeys are often reared for meat which is a traditional dish for thanksgiving’s day.
  • Pigeon – Pigeons are the world’s oldest domesticated birds. In early times these were used for delivering letters.
  • Chick – Chick or Chickens are domestic chickens. Generally, the term ‘chick’ is used to refer to a newly hatched chicken but it can also use to refer to the young of any bird.
  • Cat – Cats are domesticated carnivorous animals. Apart from dogs, cats are one of the most desired pets.

Animal Flashcards for Kindergarten- 2

Animal Flashcards for Kindergarten

Download these hand-drawn flashcards and get started with teaching your kids. Get started now!

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