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Sight Words Flashcards – Free Printables


Sight Words Flashcards – Free Printables

Sight words appear frequently in our reading and writing and do not have a concrete image that accompanies them. These are high-frequency (frequently appearing) words that children may not be able to picture as other common words. Such words must be memorized and understood. Sight words are phonetically irregular, that is, their sound does not consistently match up to their letters. Mostly, sight words are adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and the most common verbs. These give meaning and direction to language.

Sight Words Flashcards

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Sight words appear regularly and they make up such a great amount of all text that it is recommended that students be able to instantly recognize these words so that they do not have to waste time decoding the words. It is no surprise that using sight words is one of the most important methods in learning to read nowadays. At a young age, students are introduced to a sight word list and taught to memorize and quickly recognize and memorize the given words.
Usually, children are introduced to sight words at kindergartens but you can also do that at home if you are homeschooling your kids. The number of words varies depending on the curriculum, but usually, the number varies between 100 and 300 words in any sight word list.

These ‘sight words red list flashcard sheets’ consist of 18 common sight words. Download the flashcards and present these to students. Ask them to memorize these words. The twenty words in the flashcards are: all, are, but, for, had, have, he, her, his, not, on, one, said, so, they, we, with, and you.  Download the flashcard sheet and get started now. You can also ask your child to make sentences from these words. This would help them memorize the words easily.

Sight Words Flashcards- 1

 Sight Words Flashcards

Sight Words Flashcards- 2

 Sight Words Flashcards

Sight Words Flashcards- 3

 Sight Words Flashcards

Learning sight words eliminates the need to break the words down to their individual letters for young kids. Thus, knowing a lot of sight words and having an arsenal of such words or words, in general, makes sure that students read more easily and fluently. It makes reading easier and faster because the reader does not need to stop to try and sound out each individual word, letter by letter.

Download the sight word red list flashcard sheets to get started. We aim to make learning and teaching a fun process by using recent trends in teaching methods. For similar sight words flashcards and other educational content, browse our website.

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