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Fictional Character Drawing Ideas for Kids


Fictional Character Drawing Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

In this article, we will see some amazing and beautiful cartoons and pictures or drawings of princesses. With the drawing or picture given in this article, the child can easily learn the method of making his favorite characters and cartoons. At the same time, he can also show his creativity by filling different types of colors in it. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of let’s draw your favorite fictional characters like dragon, Pikachu, hoodies girl, princess, and winter girl.

Let’s Draw Your Favorite Fictional Characters

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Cute Dragon

Let's Draw Your Favorite Fictional Characters Cute Dragon

The cartoon is drawn very simply as you can see. Just by giving some shape to some lines, this beautiful cartoon has been made in which it is looking very beautiful and attractive. Its cheeks have been turned pink to make them look more adorable. To show it a little emotional, a little white color has also been filled in its eyes. As you can see. This looking upwards cartoon looks very beautiful. We can further enhance it and beautify it and make it attractive by filling different colors.


Let's Draw Your Favorite Fictional Characters Pikachu

This is a very beautiful cartoon. The name of this cartoon is “Pikachu” as you can see. Very few colors have been used in making this cartoon. Like yellow, red, pink, black, and white these few colors have increased the look of this cartoon so much. What is looking so attractive as you can see, his eyes have been filled with white color to show the sparkle. The red color has been filled to make the cheeks look even more beautiful. A child can be very happy by drawing and coloring these beautiful cartoons.

Hoodies Girl

Let's Draw Your Favorite Fictional Characters Hoodies Girl

This cartoon is looking very beautiful. The cartoon is made using only four colors White, light blue, orange, and brown as you can see. Orange color and light blue color have been used to make the cloth of this cartoon. The shoes have been done with orange color to make them stand out. Brown color has been used to show the hair. This is the side view of the cartoon which looks very attractive. A child can make it very easily.

Cute Princess

Let's Draw Your Favorite Fictional Characters Cute Princess

As you can see, this is a drawing or picture of a princess. The princess’s hair has been made extremely long. The Princess dress is made long and wide. To make the princess appear like a princess, a crown has been put on her head. This cartoon is not colorful. We can make it very beautiful and adorable by adding our favorite color to it.

Crown Princess

Let's Draw Your Favorite Fictional Characters Crown Princess

This is a beautiful picture of a princess as you can see. Using only four colors this art has been made so beautiful. The princess dress is made from white and pink colors. The long and attractive hair of the princess is represented by brown color. The crown on the head of the princess is done with yellow color. Her eyelashes have been created by a curve line to make the princess look as eyes are closed.

Princess Girl

Let's Draw Your Favorite Fictional Characters Princess Girl

This is an adorable and cute picture in which a doll or a princess is made as you can see. Only three colors have been used Pink, Orange, and Yellow This princess has a crown made on her head which is yellow in color. Her cheeks have been pinked to make the princess look happy or blushing and her eyes have been made by the curve line. The dress of this princess was made in pink color which is looking very beautiful & attractive.

Winter Girl

Let's Draw Your Favorite Fictional Characters Winter Girl

The cartoon is made very beautiful as you can see. In this, a cartoon of a little girl has been made, who is wearing a yellow dress, whose shoes are of pink color and scarf is also of pink color. Hair is depicted in brown color. The body of this doll is painted in a cream color. A light pink color has been used to make the cheeks look attractive. The doll is holding a bag in her hand, which is brown in color.

As you have seen, by using some simple colors and shapes, we can create very beautiful and wonderful drawings. The kid’s become very happy by drawing these amazing pictures of cartoons. That’s all in this article.

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