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Flying Dove Drawing Art Tutorial For Beginners

Flying Bird Drawing Art Tutorial For Beginners


Flying Dove Drawing Art Tutorial For Beginners

Learn to make a dove drawing artwork with the help of this step-by-step tutorial and using your hand outline! Check the article for the same! 

This tutorial is all about making a flying dove drawing with your hand outline! This drawing is perfect for younger kids and even adults can make it too! Drawing a living being can be a little tough but not if you apply smartness, we will become that smartness for you! Through this tutorial, you will be able to make a dove drawing in no time! This artwork is perfect for an art classroom activity! With just some simple art materials and a little bit of creativity, you can ace this drawing! Let us begin!

Simple Flying Dove Drawing Art For Kids

 Flying Bird Drawing Art Tutorial For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Black Marker
  • Pencil
  • Red Sketch Pen


Step 1: Drawing Hand Outline

Drawing Hand Outline-How to draw a soaring dove step-by-step for novices

To begin this craft, take a white circular paper sheet as the base of your artwork and a pencil. Place your hand over the base a little tilted in the center and using a pencil, draw the outline of your hand over the base. Make sure to only outline the finger and the loop between the thumb. This will be the wing of your dove.

Step 2: Making Another Wing

Making Another Wing-A guide to illustrating a soaring dove for starters

Place the hand over the already-made wing, tilted the opposite side, and draw the same outline to make another wing. Make sure to not overdraw the previous wing to make it look like the other wing is behind the first. Now, using a black marker overdraw the pencil.

Step 3: Making The Dove’s Body

Making The Dove's Body-Learn the basics of sketching a flying dove

Make the dove’s body attached to the wings in a curvy shape, also, make the face at the end of the thumb outline with an eye and a beak to it. Look at the image for the reference.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Flying Dove!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Flying Dove!-Get tips for creating a flying dove sketch

For the last step, detail the wings using the marker to give them a shadow effect also draw the feathers below the wings on the body. Now, using a red sketch pen color the beak. Also, detail the eyes as shown in the image using the black marker.

Voila! Your flying dove is flying high!

You can even decorate this dove artwork up your wall to make sure your dove flies even higher! This dove drawing will definitely give peaceful vibes to anyone who looks at it, as a dove is a symbol of peace! You can even color this dove to convert it into any bird with just some minor changes! Unleash your creative side through this artwork! Your imagination is the limit!

We expect you liked this article and do give feedback in the comments sections to keep us motivated by you! We will keep bringing more and more amazing artwork for you!

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