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Halloween Activities For 2-3 Year Olds (Toddlers)

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Halloween Activities For 2-3 Year Olds (Toddlers)

Boo! Did I able to scare you?

It’s time for some fantastic Halloween activities for toddlers. To expose children to Halloween, the not-so-scary kind, but still a little creepy and icky kind!

Nothing is more frustrating than going through Pinterest and coming up empty-handed. You know what I’m talking about: loads of search results (obviously), but nothing that will help your kids.

These exercises are simple to set up and take only a few minutes. You don’t need to go out and buy anything special for these activities because they employ “regular” items. You don’t have to worry about the age level because these activities were created with toddlers in mind.

Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of Halloween Activities like ghost bowling game, monster cookies, halloween ornaments, colorful halloween sensory bins, glow-in oobleck for kids, fun halloween ghost, halloween pumpkin oobleck, halloween wreath craft, halloween sensory bottle, color mixing activity for kids, ghost foot-print game and halloween flower gift.

Halloween Activities For Toddlers

Halloween Activities For Toddlers

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Creating A Halloween Craft Using A Balloon Toy

Creating A Halloween Craft Using A Balloon Toy

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Creating a Halloween craft using a balloon toy is a great idea. It is easy, fun, and can be done with any balloon toy. All you need is some paint, a little imagination, and some creativity! It’s a great way to create a unique decoration this Halloween.

Ghost Bowling Game

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Ghost Bowling Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Isn’t this DIY ghost bowling game adorable? Not only is it adorable, but it’s also simple to make and enjoyable to play! Halloween activities, as well as eerie Halloween projects, are popular among children. You get the best of both worlds with this option!

Monster Cookies

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Monster Cookies

Image Source/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

This Halloween, these humorous monster face cookies will bring a grin to your family’s cheeks. To decorate your monster sugar cookies, use a range of sweet delicacies and bright frostings to inspire your creativity. These creative cookies are easy to customize and a great way for youngsters to get involved. Decorate your cookies to your heart’s content for maximum hilarity.

Halloween Ornaments

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Halloween Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Threading ideas don’t have to be difficult or time-consuming to put together. This threading exercise is easy to do and a fantastic way to use up any excess Halloween rings or objects you may have lying around the house at this time of year. It aids in the development of fine motor skills, color awareness, and patterning in children… It can also be worn as a necklace!

Colorful Halloween Sensory Bins

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Colorful Halloween Sensory Bins

Image Source/Tutorial: Frogs Snails And Puppy Dog Tails

If in our family, sensory bins are a big favorite, so let’s make one with a Halloween twist. This one is quite easy to put up, and the majority of the ingredients can be found at your local grocery shop. You’ll enjoy how easy it is to set up because you don’t even need to use food coloring to dye anything!

Glow-in OOBLECK for kids

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Glow-in OOBLECK for kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun At Home With Kids

This Edible Glow-in-the-Dark Oobleck is a delightful sensory activity for children who are learning to overcome their fear of the dark!
This mystical, glowing concoction has an equally weird name (Oobleck), because it feels like moldable pizza dough one second and liquefied sludge the next.

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Fun Halloween Ghost

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Fun Halloween Ghost

Image Source/Tutorial: The Chirping Moms

Dip each cotton ball in the adhesive and stick it to the ghost in a bowl. Make another ghost by covering it in glue and sticking cotton balls all over it. Both were simple, although the second was slightly faster.
Then, using black paper, cut eyes and a mouth and glue them on. After it has dried, punch holes in it and hang it with twine or rope.

Halloween Pumpkin OOBLECK

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Halloween Pumpkin OOBLECK

Image Source/Tutorial: Inspiration Laboratories

Cornstarch with water (oobleck) is a delightful sensory experience that children of all ages appreciate. It’s also a fascinating scientific investigation of a non-Newtonian fluid. Make pumpkin oobleck utilizing the insides of your carved pumpkin to turn regular oobleck into a Halloween pastime.

Halloween Wreath Craft

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Halloween Wreath Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Toddler Approved

This Spooky Halloween Wreath craft was ideal for your child who didn’t want to be left out and decided to participate as well!

You will need:

  • Styrofoam wreath (or another style of wreath),
  • Sticky craft glue, ribbon, googly eyes, plastic spiders,
  • Foam stickers, and any additional accessories you have on hand.

Halloween Sensory Bottle

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Halloween Sensory Bottle

Image Source/Tutorial: Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

This creative concept for a Halloween holiday sensory bottle is a big hit.
Give the children the bottles. To fill the bottles, give them the plastic and glitter bits. This is great for fine motor skills and kids enjoy it. The kids will be ecstatic since they will be able to help make them and then play with them.

Color Mixing Activity for kids

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Color Mixing Activity for kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Let’s make a witches brew to learn about color mixing with a Halloween twist! You will be exploring the beautiful world of color combinations using a few simple items and containers you already have at home or in the school.
Because it involves a lot of messy, water play, this color mixing game is wonderful fun for preschoolers and toddlers!

Ghost Foot-print Game

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Ghost Foot-print Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Toddler Approved

Do you and your kids ever make up games? This humorous and entertaining game teaches children about shapes, colors, and counting.

  1. To make footprint ghosts, trace your child’s foot onto white paper numerous times.
  2. Cut the footsteps out.
  3. Using markers, draw black eyes and several colored mouth forms.
  4. Tape the footprints onto the floor in a big circle.

Halloween Flower Gift

Halloween Activities For Toddlers Halloween Flower Gift

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Moms Share

Make some cards or gifts for your loved ones. Experiment with making flowers out of four different Halloween-themed paper baking cups. Add pipe cleaner stems, stickers, and centers after that. Some are decorated with Hershey kisses, pom poms, stickers, and/or googly eyes.

I hope that you had a great time reading and trying to make these Halloween Activities For Toddlers. And if you want more ideas then read more posts and let me know which Halloween Activity Idea you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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