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Cute Leafy Peppa Pig Leaf Craft Tutorial For Kids

Cute Leafy Peppa Pig Craft Idea For Kids

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Cute Leafy Peppa Pig Leaf Craft Tutorial For Kids

This step-by-step tutorial will help to learn in making a cute leafy Peppy Pig – kids are going to love this adorable little Peppa Pig!

Hello, welcome to this tutorial on how to make a cute leafy Peppa Pig! This is a fun craft idea for kids. Using a few leaves, some markers and glue, they can make their own Peppa Pig in a few simple steps.

Cute Leafy Peppa Pig Craft Idea: Step-by-step Tutorial

Cute Leafy Peppa Pig Craft Idea For Kids

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Materials Required

  • White paper
  • Leaves of different shapes and colours
  • Markers of different colours
  • Scissors and glue


Step 1: Let’s Set The Ground

Let's Set The Ground-Adorable Peppa Pig Creation Concept For Children

Let’s start by cutting out a circle from the white paper. Take a big leaf and paste it towards the bottom end of the circle.

Step 2: Finish Setting The Ground

Finish Setting The Ground-Beguiling Peppa Pig Artwork Thought For Little Ones

Take another big leaf and paste it as shown.

Step 3: Let’s Make Peppa’s Body

Let's Make Peppa's Body-Lovely Peppa Pig Craft Plan For Children

Using scissors, cut out a rounded oval shape from the leaf to make Peppa’s body.

Step 4: Let’s Now Make Peppa’s Head

Let's Now Make Peppa's Head-Delightful Peppa Pig Design Scheme For Kids

Take a leaf of a different colour, and trim its edges, as shown, to make Peppa’s head.

Step 5: To Make Peppa’s Ears

To Make Peppa's Ears-Sweet Peppa Pig Handicraft Notion For Infants

Cut out two small circles from a leaf to Peppa’s ears. Now paste it on top of Peppa’s head.

Step 6: Let’s Make Peppa’s Eyes

Let's Make Peppa's Eyes-Charming Peppa Pig Art Project For Toddlers

Using a black marker, draw and cut out two eyes from a white paper. Now stick them on Peppa’s face using glue.

Step 7: Making Peppa’s Cheeks

Making Peppa's Cheeks-Enchanting Peppa Pig Construction Idea For Tots

Cut out a small circle from a dark-coloured leaf and paste it, as shown, to make Peppa’s cheeks.

Step 8: Let’s Draw Hands And Mouths

Let's Draw Hands And Mouths-Alluring Peppa Pig Crafting Contrivance For Juveniles

Using a black marker, we can now draw Peppa’s nose, mouth and hands.

Step 9: Shoes For Peppa

Shoes For Peppa-Appealing Peppa Pig Craftsmanship Planning For Minors

We can draw Peppa a cute little tail and two legs using a black marker. Now cut out two little shoes from a leaf and paste them on Peppa’s legs.

Step 10: Let’s Make The Picture More Sunny

Let's Make The Picture More Sunny-Endearing Peppa Pig Crafting Proposal For Small Fry

Now take out a red marker and draw a sun on the top corner of the circle.

Step 11: Let’s Now Add Some Clouds

Let's Now Add Some Clouds-A delightful Peppa Pig project thought for children

Draw a few clouds using a blue marker.

Step 12: Let’s Put Trees

Let's Put Trees-An adorable Peppa Pig craft concept for kids

Now take a leaf and trim its edges to make it look like a tree. Paste the tree to give a more realistic effect.

Finally, Our Peppa Pig Is All Ready To Go To Play

Finally, Our Peppa Pig Is All Ready To Go To Play-An endearing Peppa Pig creation notion for little ones


Who doesn’t love Peppa Pig? Here is our own Peppa Pig who is ready to play out in the sun. This is a highly engaging activity for kids which encourages the importance of sustainability. Add your own bits of creativity to make this craft more fun. Also, don’t forget to check out our other blogs.

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