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Underwater Fishes Fall Leaf Craft Tutorial For Beginners

Underwater Fishes Fall Leaf Craft Idea For Beginners

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Underwater Fishes Fall Leaf Craft Tutorial For Beginners

Activities for Kids

Make a wonderful fall craft with your children that looks like something from the ocean! This easy Underwater Fishes Fall Leaf Craft Idea is great for beginners and is a fun way to be creative with fall leaves. Find out how to make these cute fishes with instructions that guide you step by step.

Dive into the depth of oceans and seas while creating this amazing underwater fish craftwork! This can be the ideal craftwork for your little ones to engage in a hands-on fun learning activity in the afternoon time and also a great quality time spending activity with your kids! All you will need is the fallen leaves some pluck-out weed grasses from your garden, also some usual crafty supplies that you already have at home! This will surely be a piece to showcase, decorate it in your kid’s room to cheer him/her up!

DIY Underwater Fishes Fall Leaf Craft

Underwater Fishes Fall Leaf Craft Idea For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • Red-colored Fall Leaves
  • Grass Weed
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue And Cello Tape
  • Scissors
  • White-colored Sheet
  • Blue Sketch Pen


Step 1: Making Seaweed

Making Seaweed- Making a Leaf Craft For Beginners Submerged in Water with Fish

Let’s begin with this craft by taking a white paper sheet and using scissors cutting it down in a circle. Now, paste a strand of grass weed over the left lower end of the sheet using cello tape.

Step 2: Adding More Seaweed

Adding More Seaweed- Crafting a Leaf For Novices With Fishes In Aquatic Surroundings

Now. paste 2 more strands of the grass weed side by side using cello tape.

Step 3: Pasting A Leaf

Pasting A Leaf Novices: Underwater Fish Accompanied by a Leaf Craft Project

Paste a red-colored fall leaf horizontally over the sheet above the seaweed to make a fish using glue.

Step 4: Pasting More Leaves

Pasting More Leaves- Introducing a Leaf Craft For An Underwater Fish Environment

Use different size leaves and taste them over the sheet to make more and more fish.

Step 5: Completing Pasting Leaves

Completing Pasting Leaves- An Idea of Crafting a Leaf For Beginners With Fish in Water

Cover the entire upper right part of the sheet with leaves/fish and cut out the extra part coming out of the sheet.

Step 6: Making Eyes

Making Eyes- Making a Leaf Project For Beginners With Fish Below the Surface

Make an eye of the fish by pasting a googly eye over the leaf in the top left corner of it.

Step 7: Making Eye For All Fishes

Making Eye For All Fishes- A Craft Concept for Novices With Fish and a Leaf Underwater

Paste googly eyes on each and every fish.

Step 8: Drawing Bubbles

Drawing Bubbles- Crafting a Leaf in a Fishy below the Water Setting for Beginners

Using a blue sketch pen, draw random bubbles over the sheet (big and small).

Your Underwater Fishes Are Swimming!

Your Underwater Fishes Are Swimming- Underwater Craft Projects For Beginners With Fish and a Leaf

Voila! Your fish are swimming underwater peacefully!

This craft was so fun to make each and every step was full of creativity! Look at the googly eyes moving around, makes the fishes look realistic! You can now hang your craft up on your room’s wall to brighten it up! Showcase your creation to everyone and I’m sure everyone would love it!

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