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Realistic Tree Craft Using Fall Leaves Step-by-step Tutorial

Realistic Tree Craft Using Fall Leaves Step-by-step Tutorial

Fall & Autumn

Realistic Tree Craft Using Fall Leaves Step-by-step Tutorial

Create your own beautiful realistic tree craft using fall leaves with this easy step-by-step tutorial. Learn how to create a unique and eye-catching decoration for your home or office!

Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial in which we will make a realistic tree using fall leaves. This is a sustainable craft idea that helps in recycling dried leaves. This tree craft will be liked by children as well as adults. With very few materials and with your creativity, you can make this beautiful piece of art. Let’s get started!

Easy Tree Craft Using Fall Leaves

Realistic Tree Craft Using Fall Leaves Step-by-step Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • Colored Paper (White and Brown)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Fallen Leaves Of Different Colors And Sizes
  • Thermocol Balls


Step 1: Making The Tree

Making The Tree- Create a Practical Tree Out of Autumn Leaves with this Step-by-step Guide

Let’s get started by cutting out a circle from the white paper. Now draw and cut out a tree from the brown coloured paper. Paste the tree on the bottom part of the circle that we have cut out.

Step 2: Sticking The Leaf

Start Sticking The Leaves- Making a Lifelike Tree with Fallen Leaves Here's How

Start sticking the smaller leaves to the branches of the tree using glue.

Step 3: Pasting Another Color Leaf

Pasting Another Color Leaf- How to Construct a Realistic Tree Out of Seasonal Leaves

Try pasting leaves of different colors to make our tree more realistic.

Step 4: Pasting More Leaves

Adding More Leaves- Step-by-step Guide to Crafting a Tree with Fall Leaves

Add more leaves to our tree.

Step 5: Filling The Branches With Leaves

Fill The Branches With Leaves- Building a Natural-looking Tree with Autumn Leaves Directions Included

Stick leaves of different to all branches to make the tree look evergreen.

Step 6: Setting The Ground

Setting The Ground- Learn How to Form a Tree from Fallen Leaves

Now for the ground, paste a big leaf on the bottom part of the tree as shown.

Step 7: Finishing Setting The Ground

Finish Setting The Ground- Instructional Tutorial for Creating a Tree Using Fall Leaves

Paste another leaf as shown to complete setting the ground.

Step 8: Adding Flowers To The Tree

Adding Flowers To The Tree- Step-by-step Process to Form a Tree with Leaves of the Season

For the flowers, paste colorful clay balls on the branches using glue.

Now, Our Realistic Tree Craft Is Ready!

Now, Our Realistic Tree Craft Is Ready!- Making a Tree from Autumn Leaves Follow These Steps

Congratulations, Realistic Fall Leaves Tree Craft Is Ready!

This is a simple craft work that can engage both children and adults. Collecting fallen leaves and flowers can make children feel more connected with nature. Unleash more of your creativity and add more detailing to make your tree more realistic. Also, do not forget to check more of our craft and DIY ideas.

Some More Tree Craft Tutorial

Easy to make a Ginkgo fall Leaf Tree Craft For Little Ones

Easy to make a Ginkgo fall Leaf Tree Craft For Little Ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This Ginkgo fall leaf tree craft is a perfect activity for young children. It is simple to make and sure to provide hours of fun. Kids can create their own unique trees with colorful leaves and explore their creativity.

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