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Monkey Craft Ideas For Kids

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Monkey Craft Ideas For Kids

Is your child crazy about monkeys? The same goes for us!

These monkey crafts for kids are delightful, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. They’re even more entertaining than a barrel of monkeys. While we ignore the puns, there are a few easy crafts you can do with your children that allow them to practice fine motor skills, such as painting, cutting, gluing, and folding.

You can make paper plate monkey crafts for toddlers, monkey craft templates for preschool, monkey puppets, and monkey masks with your kids. You can use these crafts to teach students about jungle animals or zoo animals in your “M is for monkey” lessons.

You can adapt the crafts here to suit kids of a wide range of ages, so it’s the perfect opportunity for the whole family to have fun together.

Choosing one to do first is the only challenge.

Monkey Crafts For All Your Little Kids!


Monkey Clippers

Monkey Clippers Monkey Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: repeatcrafterme

This is a very innovative and cute idea for you and your kids. We know that your kids eat your head up all day long.

But this Monkey Clippers will save you from the. Buy a bunch of cloth clippers and give them to your kids and some cardboard and colors. Tell them to change this clipper into this monkey and watch how they do it. Help them whenever needed.

These monkey clippers will be helpful for you as well you can hang their clothes to dry them. Even the school teachers might use them to hang their drawings in the classroom.

Swinging Fingerprints Monkies

Swinging Fingerprints Monkies

Image Source/Tutorial: craftymorning

This is a wonderful card idea for your kids and even school students. This is a very simple and easy-going craft idea. Even it won’t take much time.

All you need is a string and brown color. Dip your fingers in brown color and put the stamp on the paper or the card then add the face and hands and then your Hanging Fingerprint Monkies are ready for your card.

Handprint Monkey

Handprint Monkey Monkey Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: craftymorning

This is a very simple and fun activity for your kids and preschoolers. If you are a teacher then this will be a great art and craft idea.

Tell the students to dip their hand in brown color and make sure that their hand is fully covered by brown color and then stamp it on the paper. Tell them to draw the face and stick the googly eyes for eyes and their Handprint Monkey is ready to hang on your school wall.

Easy To Make Hanging Monkey Craft For Kids

Easy To Make Hanging Monkey Craft For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This easy-to-make hanging monkey craft is perfect for kids! It’s a fun and creative way to spend time with your little ones and make something special together. All you need is some paper, scissors, glue, and a bit of imagination. It’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Hawaiian Monkey Puppet

Hawaiian Monkey Puppet

Image Source/Tutorial: coffecups

All the classes at our preschool celebrate the end of the school year with a luau party! There is a lot of fun made by the kids when they make leis and grass skirts.

The internet is not overflowing with luau crafts, so I wanted to share the idea of this Hawaiian Monkey Puppet for kids! The kids will surely love to do this craft.

Mini Monkey Ice Cream Cone

Mini Monkey Ice Cream Cone Monkey Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: kidsactivites

During snack time, treat your guests to some adorable Mini Monkey Ice Cream Cone. You can have lots of fun monkeying around in the kitchen making these cool treats whether you are hosting a zoo animal party or just hanging out after school.
Whether you use homemade or store-bought ice cream, these cute cones are easy to make. You can even make your own Cocoa Banana Ice Cream served with mini cake cones if you prefer a dairy-free alternative.

Monkey Mug

Monkey Mug

Image Source/Tutorial: thekeeper

The idea of Monkey Mug is a great idea for art and craft at home. This can be a great addition to your mother’s showcase.

Take an empty brown mug and draw the face as shown in this picture. add the googly eyes for the eyes. Cut cardboard for the ears and add the detailing. For the tail use a brown pipe cleaner curt it and add it to your monkey mug. Now it is ready to sit in the cupboard.

Monkey Bird Feeder

Monkey Bird Feeder Monkey Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: craftymoods

We are in the midst of Spring. It is a special time of year for me and I am sure it is for millions of other people as well. It’s the time of year for chirping birds, blooming trees and plants, and frequent trips to your local garden center! It makes me happy.

So this monkey feeder is a great thing this springtime. It can be easily made out of bottles. So what are you waiting for go and make the Monkey Bird Feeder, right now?

Monkey Family

Monkey Family

Image Source/Tutorial: littlefamilyfun

Your wall might look empty for a while now. it’s time to add some decoration to your wall. What can be better than a monkey family?

These are very simple to make take cardboard. Cut the cardboard into small squares. The number of squares depends on what number of monkeys you want to include in the monkey family. Make the monkies as shown in the picture. To differentiate a female monkey from a male monkey, add a ribbon on their head. Now decorate the wall with the Monkey Family.

Fluffy Monkey

Fluffy Monkey Monkey Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: allfreecraft

This children’s craft project shows you how to make a fluffy monkey that has bendable arms and legs, using simple materials such as pompoms and chenille stems.

Make sure to use brown pipe cleaner for the arms, legs, and tail.  Use white paper to make the face. For eyes, you can also use googly eyes. You can use it to decorate the house.

Five Little Monkey Finger Puppets

Five Little Monkey Finger Puppets

Image Source/Tutorial: playdough

I think Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is one of the best rhymes for children in every family. In doctors’ waiting rooms, on airplanes, in restaurants, you name it, it’s been most of our secret weapon.

It is easy to bring the classic rhyme to life with these free printable Five Little Monkeys finger puppets.  Your kids will love this idea.

Monkey Hat

Monkey Hat Monkey Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: kixcereal

This Monkey Hat is a  great and fun craft. This is a very simple papercraft. Just take a brown chart paper and make a hat shape. Make sure you take your kid’s head size. Draw the face as shown in the picture. Add the ears as well. For the eyes use some googly eyes. It will look amazing.

You can make these Monkey Hats for your kids’ birthday parties. I am pretty sure others kids will surely love these hats.

Story Telling Monkey

Story Telling Monkey

Image Source/Tutorial: notjustcute

Simple stick puppets are even easier to make with kids!  This pattern can be used and depending on the level of cutting ability of the children, I have them cut out all of the pieces or, for younger children, I just have them cut out the ears, eyes, and nose/mouthpieces, and then have them practice cutting along a circle outline for the headpiece (a typical fine motor skill test around age four).

Double-stick tape is used to attach pieces to the craft stick, and then the head is taped to the stick. Ta-da!  The monkey puppets are ready for storytelling.

Cool Monkey Mask

Cool Monkey Mask Monkey Craft Ideas For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: itsybitsyfun

It’s time to do some monkey business.

Let’s play with these cool monkey mask templates and pretend to be monkeys!

In my free printable mask collection, you’ll find quite a few animal masks – your kids can already start their zoo!
Now every time they ask you to buy a Monkey Mask. Tell them to make a Cool Monkey Mask themselves.

M For Monkey

M For Monkey

Image Source/Tutorial: blessingsoverflowing

A for Apple, B for Ball …. M for? Monkey! Now it’s time to use this sentence in reality.

Take a paper and get started to make the M for Monkey Craft.

Cut brown construction paper into large “M” shapes to make the monkeys. Using the same brown, cut two ears and a tail. The circles in the center of the ear were cut from a different shade of brown. In addition to adding large googly eyes and a smile, they glued it all onto another sheet of construction paper. The result is very cute.

So we hopefully covered up mostly all the crafts of monkeys. I am pretty sure your little monkeys will surely be busy for a while. They will surely love going to these crafts.

Now in the comment section, let us know which one is your child’s favorite.

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