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Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing


Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing

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Namaste, Hello, Hi! We have here some awesome sketches of awesome characters that are developed every moment. Your child will be astonished to meet them. There are sketches of teen girls, cute little princess, and drawings that teaches friendship, love, and unity. I am sure that at the end of this article you will thank us for the wonderful teachings the sketches provided. So, go on and explore. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of teach kids friendship, love and unity by drawing like mother’s love, charming girl, lovely picture, funky teen, friendship forever, love as an art, decency and sincerity, and platinum bonding.

Teach Kids Friendship, Love, And Unity By Drawing

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Mother’s Love

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Mother's Love

This sketch will have a positive influence on children, as this image describes a mother’s love for her child. We can see a mother who is carrying her child. Both are happy in each other’s company, the child is wrapped in a towel, and the mother is wearing a pink dress with a covering on her head. The sketch is doable by kids, and this sketch could make children feel the importance of a mother’s love that is so unique and selfless. The woman in the sketch can be referenced to mother Earth and her child with the living beings on Earth. This sketch is vivid and simple and kids will gain interest while drawing.

Charming Girl

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Charming Girl

This sketch has a lot of work to do, in terms of coloring and designing. This sketch demands patience, and focus, having an interesting appearance the girl is shown as a princess. Kids like sketches of princesses and princes, so they will draw them sincerely with interest. As there are no colors in the sketch we want your children to color it and bring it to life. The girl is wearing a beautiful crown, with diamonds and gems embedded in it, she is in a pretty dress with bright eyes and a soulful smile. There are stars all around her and a heart is also drawn to bring meaning to the sketch. This sketch will teach your child to draw beautifully.

Lovely Picture

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Lovely Picture

Have you ever imagined that drawing a cartoon girl is very simple as it is here?  Drawing for kids should be started with simple and easy things so that they can adapt to the ways and tricks and develop an understanding of how good are they at particular things. This sketch is straightforward with zero complications and effort so that a child can draw it. The girl is having a decent hairstyle, with pinkish cheeks, and a simple old-fashioned dress. Kids will develop an interest in this simple sketch and draw it well.

Funky Teen

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Funky Teen

If you are looking for a lengthy sketch with a lot of detailing then this sketch is for that purpose. This sketch shows a teen girl who looks desirable with a stunning facial expression. She has dense hairs styled in a single braid. This is a unique hairstyle that is rarely seen in modern girls. She is wearing a nice pretty dress with ribbons attached to them. The girl has big deep eyes with lots of secrets, and she has an expression of shock on her face. This sketch has many intricacies and details that should be taken care of while drawing. So, let your child on it.

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Friendship Forever

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Friendship Forever

This sketch defines companionship in the best way. As it is said, “One best book is equal to hundred good friends, but a good friend is equal to a library”. This sketch will impart a positive meaning of friendship in your child, as both the characters in the sketch are hugging each other with a small plant growing on their head. The characters refer to good friends, which these days are very difficult to find. The plant that is shown on top of each character refers to the intelligence and knowledge that thrives between good friends. Apart, keeping a good everlasting friendship with others is a challenge that many people fail in. Good friends are important in one’s life to get the essence of a fulfilled life. Make your kids draw this sketch and understand friendship.

Love As An Art

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Love As An Art

Love has no explanations, but many understandings. As in this sketch, we can see two beautiful beings sharing their hearts with each other and with us. Like people practice art, same way love should also be practiced and developed with commitment and humility. The loving beings are drawn with sarcastic facial expressions. They are holding each other’s hearts, symbolizing that love is the bonding of hearts and souls. A plant is also growing on top of the head, symbolizing where there is love there is growth, nourishment, and knowledge. Kids can learn how necessary is it to love and to be loved. They will ultimately fall in love.

Decency and Sincerity

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Decency and Sincerity

This is a joyful sketch of a girl that is to be drawn by kids. She is having long hair, tied with a bow from the top, and she is in an old-fashioned dress, a dress with a collar that must be from the early 90s. She is more cute, pretty, and sincere and this is what kids like to draw. A sketch should be full of expressions for kids to understand the purpose easily so that they can draw with eagerness. There are a couple of flying hearts as well in the image, the girl has pinkish cheeks and a cheerful smile. Make your kid draw this innocent drawing and have fun.

Platinum Bonding

Teach Kids Friendship, Love And Unity By Drawing Platinum Bonding

The bonding between these two creatures is very strong and cannot be broken. The sketch shows the importance of unity. It teaches kids that Unity is Strength, and a united family is a strong family. Bonding and Unity are required in many aspects of life. If there is unity, then the bond gets stronger and coordination improves between people. The two characters are so well fallen in each other’s company that they can’t live without each other. We have drawn the same characters above, so this time it would be easier to draw. Happy drawing.

Drawing with a purpose should be the motive while drawing, a purpose to excel, a purpose to learn, a purpose to teach, and a purpose to improve should be the focus. These qualities not only define the character of a child but also shapes him/her into the human they are going to be. They are the future of the world, and they should be thought unity, love, friendship, and care for one another. I hope the activities were enjoyable. We have more waiting on the next article that you are going to visit.

Thank You, Do visit again!

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