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Easy Town Landscape Step-by-step Drawing For Kids

Easy Town Landscape Step-by-step Drawing For Kids


Easy Town Landscape Step-by-step Drawing For Kids

This article is a step-by-step guide to help kids learn how to draw a landscape of Easy Town in a fun and creative way. With simple instructions and helpful illustrations, it’s the perfect way to get kids excited about drawing

Hello amigos! Are you looking for an easy and beginner-level drawing? If yes, then this is the final destination. Use a black marker to draw the structures of the building. This will emphasize the overall layout. The children will learn to draw the various aspects of a landscape. They can easily make this beautiful drawing just by following the easy steps mentioned in this tutorial. This drawing encompasses many visual elements like trees, leaves, flowers, and also buildings. It also involves the use of different coloring aids like markers, sketch pens, and crayons that develop the overall potential of the children and enrich their artistic minds. Grab your supplies and let’s get started!

Easy Town Landscape Drawing For Kids

Easy Town Landscape Step-by-step Drawing For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Craft sheet(White)
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Crayons
  • Sketch pen(Brown, Pink, Green)


Step 1: Drawing The Top Structure Of The Buildings

Drawing The Top Structure Of The Buildings- How to Draw Easy Townscapes for Children

Take a black marker and draw the top structure depicting the terrace of the buildings as shown.

Step 2: Drawing The Windows

Drawing The Windows- Creating Townscapes in Simple Steps for Kids

Draw more stories of the buildings and draw windows at the bottom of every building as shown.

Step 3: Drawing The Trees

Drawing The Trees- Simple Instructions to Draw Town Landscapes for Kids

Take a green sketch pen and draw the top of the trees at the bottom portion of the circle. The trees should be made curved from the top. Color the trees in different shades of green as shown.

Step 4: Drawing The Branches

Drawing The Branches- Easy to Follow Directions to Draw Townscapes for Children

Take a white crayon or an oil pastel and draw the branches and stems inside each of the trees.

Step 5: Drawing A Tree

Drawing A Tree- Drawing Town Scenes for Kids in an Easy Manner

Take a brown sketch pen and make the trunk and the branches of the tree in the right corner as shown in the image. Draw small dots on the branches as shown.

Step 6: Making The Flowers

Making The Flowers- Easy Strategies for Kids to Draw Townscapes

Take a pink sketch pen and make small dots near the branches to represent the pink flowers on the tree.

Step 7: Drawing The Green Stems

Drawing The Green Stems- Step-by-Step Town Landscapes for Kids

Take a green sketch pen and draw long, green stems on the left corner of the circle.

Step 8: Drawing The Leaves

Drawing The Leaves- Guide to Drawing Townscapes for Youngsters

Take a green sketch pen and draw the leaves on the stems.

The Easy Town Landscape Drawing Is Ready!

The Easy Town Landscape Drawing Is Ready!- Simple Steps for Drawing Town Landscapes for Children

Congratulations on completing an easy drawing of the town landscape drawing!

The town layout and landscape drawing look perfect and are truly mesmerizing. The greenery, the trees, and the plants seem really beautiful and adorable. This can be used as a showpiece, wall decor, or as a gift. You can make this painting on your own. Encourage your kids as well to draw this beautiful landscape and gain some insight into this amazing art. Keep following our website for more creative and awesome ideas.

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