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Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids

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Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids

Valentine’s Day celebrates our love for the special people in our lives. Undoubtedly, your kids are some of the most important people in your life. Make sure they know that! Make some delicious treats to show them how much you care this Valentine’s Day and add some extra love to their day.

This Valentines Day, Show Some Love To Your Kids

It takes all day to bake Valentine’s Day desserts. Another sweet tradition to consider is candy-filled Valentine’s Day cards. Add some after-school snacks to your Valentine’s Day (or Valentine’s week) celebration if you want to make it even more delicious.
These Valentine’s Day recipes and ideas will make your children’s day unique and special.

1. Apple With Heart:

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Together

To all the loving parents out there! We all know that kids are the apple of our hearts. So what can be a great gift them other than the apple sandwich?

Take an apple cut the apple into two round shapes as shown in the picture. Take a heart shape cutter and cut a heart in the middle. Add the ingredient that you want in the apple sandwich and your Apple with Heart is ready for your kids.

2. Heart Popsicle:

Image Source/Tutorial: Pint Sized Baker

Kids just love popsicles. All you need is some cake make it in a dough form and dip it in red chocolate and then keep it in the freezer for at least an hour after that your heart popsicle is ready.

Don’t forget to add some sprinkles so that your kids fall in love with you and your baking skills with heart popsicles.

3. Oreo Dipped Candy Bomb:

Image Source/Tutorial: Totally The Bomb

Again, this is that time of the year when all the daddies bring candies for their cute princesses and mummas bring candies for their little prince. So for this year, we have an innovative idea for you.

Go to the nearest grocery shops, buy a bunch of oreo packets. Come hope dip them into homemade candy and add some sprinkles on it. Wrap them up in a box and gift them to your little loves. I am pretty sure, they are totally going to love it.

4. Little Cheese Monsters:

Image Source/Tutorial: Mommy Moment

Kids will love these cute mini cheese balls shaped like love bugs. The cheese balls would be great for any occasion. As a snack for school parties, this is a great idea as it isn’t like the usual sweets that have kids jumping for joy.
Creating these adorable little cheese monsters would be fun for kids, but the best part would be eating them.

5. Heartfelt Conversation Candies:

Image Source/Tutorial: Living Locurto

These Heartfelt Conversation Candies are a fun and easy Valentine’s Day dessert! Children love picking out their favourite candy and adding it to pretzels to make a salty, crunchy chocolate caramel dessert. Rolo candy is one of my favourites. As Valentine’s Day treat, I turned Rolo pretzels into Valentine’s Day conversation heart treats!

Make these delicious chocolate pretzels for class parties, give them as gifts or just enjoy them at home! The kids will love picking out their favourite conversation heart candy sayings

6. Heart Filled With Hearts:

Image Source/Tutorial: Love From The Oven

Chocolate-covered pretzels are one thing you can rely on me to make for every holiday and special occasion. The best part about them is that they are SO EASY. People might think you are some kind of chocolate genius to be able to make them, but trust me, they are one of the easiest things to make.

7. Chocolaty Strawberry:

Image Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

I love this idea of chocolate-covered strawberry hearts for Valentine’s Day!  They’re easy to make and because they’re chocolate-covered strawberries, they’re tasty as well!    Time is passing by so quickly, isn’t it?  Valentine’s Day is coming up soon!  Surprise your little sweetheart with this sweet treat on Feb. 14.

8. Jelly Cupid Arrow:

Image Source/Tutorial: Organize Your Stuff Now

We all know how cupid’s arrow works right? Those of you are not sure what I am talking about. This cupid arrow is very special, whenever this arrow sticks to someone they instantly fall in love.

Just like that this Jelly Cupid Arrow instantly melts the heart of your kids. Once they eat this they will fall in love again and again.

9. Pink Wafers Candy:

Image Source/Tutorial: otally The Bomb

Isn’t it nice and sweet to give your sweetheart something special this Valentine’s Day? You want something smooth, chocolatey, and memorable… Something that they will remember when sweets aren’t available. Your love-muffin is craving these Pink Wafers Candy, but they don’t realize it yet.

You’ll both want to lick this sweet treat that’s as smooth as Barry White’s voice and topped with just the right amount of naughty cheesecake and sprinkles. Yummy!

10. Chocolate Emoji Bar:

Image Source/Tutorial: Living Locurto

You can make this easy Emoji Chocolate Bark in just 5 minutes for a Valentine’s Day party or birthday. A delicious white chocolate dessert.

These are so cute and adorable that your kids can’t stay away from them. They will surely love it a lot. This is also a good idea for your kid’s birthday party.

11. Fruity Heart Kebabs:

Image Source/Tutorial: Allergy Shmallergy

Sometimes we all know that our kids are lactose intolerant. They are so allergic to milk. They just can’t have candy. So, in this case, you don’t need to worry. We have an amazing idea.

This Fruity Heart Kebab is a healthier option for you. Bring out the fresh fruit cut them with a heart shape cutter. Now take toothpick stuff the heart-shaped fruits in them and then your Fruit Hearty Kebabs are ready.

12. Cute Lunch Idea For Your Kids On Valentine’s Day:

Image Source/Tutorial: Skinny Taste

Kids love to put their favourite foods on a stick, so here’s an idea they won’t be able to resist… put their favourite food on a stick!

I can assure you that it works. There is something so appealing to kids (and adults) about mini skewers. I mean, who doesn’t love eating with a stick? What a treat it would be if your kids opened their lunch boxes to find all their favourite foods on a stick!

13. Heart Beat Sandwich:

Image Source/Tutorial: School Bites

I am pretty sure your kids are nagging you for giving them some special tiffin for schools. So it’s time that you need to hear them out.

Take two pieces of bread cut them in the shape of the heart and cut them from the middle. Add all the ingredients which you need in the sandwich and don’t forget to add the jam in the middle to make it more realistic.

14. Pretzel Made From Heart:

Image Source/Tutorial: Betsy Life

In spite of the messiness, it is a lot of fun to make homemade pretzels (and they are delicious). This time around, we experimented with different shapes. It’s understandable that sometimes you don’t want a big honkin’ pretzel. Small treats are fine too.

If you’re going to make heart-shaped pretzels (or any shape), make sure to leave enough space in your oven to allow for their puffing and rising.

15. Strawberry Lady Bugs:

Image Source/Tutorial: The Soccer Mom Blog

This is a very simple and the most adorable form of valentines day breakfast for your kids. Bring out all the strawberries and raspberries and cut them into halves and place them on the plates as shown in the picture.

Take the help of chocolate ganache and use it for the black spots on the ladybug and the horns. Your little monster will be shocked to see these little ladybugs on their plates.

16. Sweet Little Marshmellow Faries:

Image Source/Tutorial: The Decorated Cookie

Who doesn’t even love marshmallows? God, they are so yummy and fun. So for this valentines day, we have decided to make some Sweet Marshmellow Fairies. They just love going into the mouth of your little ones.

Just don’t forget to put the little hearts on their eyes and on their wings.

17. Cute Little Butterflies With M&Ms:

Image Source/Tutorial: rafty Morning

M&M butterflies are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea! You can even let the kids make these for their classmates, teachers, etc. They would also look cute with pink jelly beans or any other candy. It is not necessary to make them on Valentine’s Day, you could do them for any occasion. All the kids will surely love these butterflies.

18. Cheesy Pepperoni Crackers:

Image Source/Tutorial: The OT Toolbox

Snack time is a time when kids enjoy cheese, pepperoni, and crackers.  Heart-shaped cookie cutters were used for the hearts.  You can do this by stacking some cheese or pepperoni and then cutting them into hearts.
The younger the children, the better since they are hungry.
With this snack idea, we hope to give you a few fun Valentine’s Day ideas.  Make it meaningful, simple, and fun!

19. Chocolate Puddle:

Image Source/Tutorial: A Bajillian Recipes

This is the most amazing food idea for your kid for this Valentine’s Day. Bring all the chocolates and candies from the freezers make sure you add some wafers too.

Add some chocolate liquid to it and serve it to your kid so that they can have it with crunchiness.

20. Colourful Rice Crispies Snacks:

Image Source/Tutorial: Pint-Sized Treasures

Rice Krispie treats in the shape of hearts were ready in less than an hour.

This recipe is perfect for a busy mother like you!

Within fifteen minutes, I had them wrapped and ready for school lunch boxes!

Prepare to see some smiles when you serve these treats to kids!

Would you like to add some fun and giggles to your Valentine’s party?

Bring along these easy treats!

Teacher gifts can also be made from these.

21. Chocolaty Popcorn:

Image Source/Tutorial: Gimme Some Oven

The day of love is about to come! For all of you popcorn lovers out there, I have the perfect quick and easy snack for you – Valentine’s Popcorn!

It’s actually just a simple recipe for white chocolate popcorn that’s been gussied up to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, I had too much fun playing with the sprinkles, so I made and photographed two versions of this “lovely” popcorn.

22. Valentine Day Fun With Tic Tac Toe:

Image Source/Tutorial: Sippy Cup Mom

Are you looking to do something fun with the kids that double as snacks and crafts? They will have so much fun making this Valentines Tic Tac Toe Snack Craft! A Tic Tac Toe game would be such a fun activity for a classroom Valentine’s Day party too!

So it’s time for some fun with your family and little ones with the Tic Tac Toe game.

Strawberry Be Mine, Please!

Image Source/Tutorial: Smart Schoolhouse

Strawberry and cream are delicious, don’t you think? I think so too! It’s Valentine’s Day, and you don’t have to cook a thing! You’ll love these Strawberry Cream Melts.

After having these, your kids will say to you, ” Mom! Be mine, pretty please.”.

We have a great selection of Valentine’s Day treats for kids you’ll love. Start the day with heart-shaped pancakes or waffles, or sneak cookies with love messages into their lunch boxes. It won’t matter what you make, these Valentine treats will win their hearts! Hope you loved our article, let us know in our comment section about your favourite snack. Follow us for more such content.
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