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How to Make a Cute craft gift for Valentine’s Day

How to Make a Cute craft gift for Valentine's Day

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How to Make a Cute craft gift for Valentine’s Day

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Hi guys! Let’s fill today’s craft with love! You must be wondering why I’m saying this word. This is because today you’re going to make a cute craft gift for valentine’s day. This gift will be so adorable that your loved one will be so happy to receive it. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

How to Make a Cute craft gift for Valentine’s Day


  • A big green colour page.
  • A small yellow colour page.
  • A big orange colour page.
  • A glue stick.


  • Take a big green page, grab a pencil and make two big circles of the same shape and a middle shape wide strip.
  • For understanding the shapes properly follow the reference video.
  • Cut the pieces out with scissors.
  • Take a green circle piece, fold it into half side wise.
  • Take another green circle shape and make the same fold.
  • Apply glue on the left side’s bottom of a circle and then attach the other circle’s bottom with a glue stick.
  • Apply glue on the right side of the shape then attach the other circle’s side with it. It will look like a heart shape.
  • Take the green colour paper strip apply glue on it with the glue stick then attach it inside the heart shape you made previously.
  • The strip should be inside a little and the outside will stay properly.
  • Take an orange colour page, draw four square shapes on it with a pencil and a ruler of the same size.
  • Cut out the squares with scissors.
  • Take one square, fold it into half side wise and then draw half of a heart shape on it with a pencil.
  • Cut the top and loose side of the shape with scissors. It will create a heart shape.
  • Do the same with the other three pieces as well.
  • We will need a total of four heart shapes.
  • Take a small yellow colour page, draw a  small circle on it with the pencil and then cut out the small circle with scissors.
  • Take the green piece you made previously, apply glue on the top of the strip of the piece.
  • Take the four orange heart shapes and attach them around the green strip like a flower.
  • Take the yellow circle shape and put it in the middle of the flower and attach it with glue.
  • Put candies, chocolate or cards in it with your message inside the bottom pocket of the flower.
  • Your cute craft gift will be ready!

Look how beautiful it is! So without buying anything you can make them and make your loved ones happy. They will be so happy by your effort and creativity. You can use your creativity to make other shapes as well. The making process is also so easy and requires less materials that you can easily make it. Not only for Valentine’s day you can also use them on other occasions as well. Be the reason for the smile for your loved one. So, hurry up! Grab your stationeries and let’s make a cute craft gift.

FAQ’s on How to Make a Cute craft gift for Valentine’s Day

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