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Creative Aeroplane Fall Leaves Craft For Beginners

Creative Aeroplane Fall Leaves Craft For Beginners

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Creative Aeroplane Fall Leaves Craft For Beginners

Difficult to make a plane? C’mon, not really. Make a Creative Airplane using Fall Leaves, using this easy tutorial given below with pictures and steps for every little move.

So, what do you have planned for this fall? Why not get a little creative! Grab out some fall leaves and let’s make an airplane. This is simple and easy craft idea for kids and adults all alike. For kids, it is a good way to get creative and for them to look at the world from a different perspective. It a very good start to get into art and craft for the beginners, not so challenging, interesting and yet slightly detailed. Let’s learn to think out of the box and create. Follow the tutorial below and you will have a leafy airplane in no time.

DIY Creative Airplane Fall Leaves Craft

 Creative Aeroplan Fall Leaves Craft For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • Fall Leaves
  • Scissors
  • Fevicol
  • Black Sketch Pen
  • White Sketch Pen
  • Plain white drawing sheet


Step 1: Taking The Big, Green Leaf To Make The Body Of The Aircraft

Taking the big, green leaf to make the body of the aircraft- Starting Out with an Artistic Plane Leaf Workmanship

Take the leaf and paste it on the sheet of paper, using a fevicol to form the body of the airplane.

Step 2: Making The Fins Using The Red Leaves

Making the fins using the red leaves- Crafting Airplane Leaves for the Inexperienced

Take those two smaller red leaves. Stick one of them a little beneath the bigger one and the other slightly folded from the streamlined area towards the other half of the bigger leaf. Carefully, observe the image above and follow the same pattern.

Step 3: Pasting The Green Leaf In Half To Make The Pilot’s Window

Pasting the green leaf in half to make the pilot's window- Introductory Plane Leaf Artistry

Take the half of the green leaf and stick it as shown in the picture above, using fevicol, for the initial window of the pilot.

Step 4: Taking The Think Red Leaves To Make The Fan

Taking the think red leaves to make the fan- Mastering the Art of Plane Leaf Crafting for Beginners

Now, take those thin red leaves and paste it in front of the big leaf. Paste them facing their pointed sides as done in the above image. And this way, the fan is done.

Step 5: Making The Fan Out Of Curvy Triangled Leaf

Making the fan out of curvy triangled leaf.- Novice Airplane Leaf Crafting

Take that green leaf, cut into a curved triangle as shown in the picture above. Paste it, facing its pointed side with pointed side of the big leaf.

Step 6: Picking Up Those Yellowish – Green Leaves

Picking up those yellowish - green leaves- Inventive Airplane Leaf Crafting for Newbies

Now, take those two little yellowish-green leaves and paste them in the above manner.

Step 7: Giving Some Windy, Breezy Effects Using The Black Pen

Giving some windy, breezy effects using the black pen.- Creative Plane Leaf Art for Novices

Using the black sketch pen, draw the breeze to show the movement of the airplane.

Step 8: Now Some Finishing Touches With The White Pen

Now some finishing touches with the white pen.- Constructing Plane Leaves for the Beginner

Add these finishing touches by putting in some details using a white pen. Refer to the image presented above.

Finally! The Fall leaves aircraft

Finally! The Fall leaves aircraft- Crafting Plane Leaves with Imagination for the Newbie

Here it is! See, how beautiful it looks. The leafy airplane is ready.

Not much time? No problem, you don’t need much any way. Get creative, get artisty. Grab some leaves, take a nice walk outside and well, make an airplane! For all ages, have fun with art and craft. Start now.

For more easy art and craft ideas and tutorials, visit the website. Kindly leave your suggestions, opinions and reviews in the comment section, we hope you enjoyed making this with us. Thank you for your time.

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