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Unique Candy Basket Craft Step-by-step Tutorial

Unique Candy Basket Craft Step-by-step Tutorial

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Unique Candy Basket Craft Step-by-step Tutorial

Create a special treat for a loved one with this easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial to create a unique candy basket craft. It’s perfect for any occasion and makes a great gift for any recipient.

Hello there! This is a unique tutorial on Candy Basket Crafts. This craft is especially for schoolers to work on their creativity and is also a perfect gift option for their friends on their birthdays. It is a beautiful way to represent candies and make anyone feel special and loved. All you need is some craft papers, scissors to get creative, and lots of toffee or candies! Let’s get started!

Unique Candy Basket Craft Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Materials Required

  • Craft Paper(Green)
  • Scissors
  • Candies or Toffees
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


Step 1: Drawing Lines On Green Paper

Drawing Lines On Green Paper- Step-by-step Guide on How to Make a Special Candy Basket

Let’s begin by getting a green craft sheet, and drawing horizontal lines that are equally spaced on one side of the paper as shown in the image.

Step 2: Cutting Along The Lines

Cutting Along The Lines- Creating a One-of-a-Kind Candy Basket - A Step-by-Step Guide

Using scissors, cut along the vertical lines. You will get rectangular strips.

Step 3: Curling The Strips

Curling The Strips- Detailed Instructions on Crafting a Candy Basket

Take a pen and using the pen and your fingers, curl up the strips to the middle to make a curved shape as shown in the image.

Step 4: Folding The Green Paper

Folding The Green Paper - Learn to Create a Special Candy Basket - Step by Step

Roll up the remaining side of the craft sheet and paste the edges and glue them by letting the curls face outwards.

Step 5: Making A Handle

Making A Handle- A Tutorial on Creating an Unusual Candy Basket

Flip the rolled-up strips so that the curls face downwards and then cut a rectangular strip of paper and glue it inside to create a handle as shown in the image above.

Step 6: Making A Cut At The Bottom

Making A Cut At The Bottom- Build a Special Candy Basket - Tutorial

To avoid mess, mark a horizontal line, a centimeter away from the bottom edge. And cut vertically a centimeter away from each to prepare the base for your basket.

Step 7: Folding The Cuts

Folding The Cuts- Making a Unique Candy Basket - Step by Step Guide

After cutting them make sure to fold every piece internally.

Step 8: Pasting A Circular BasePasting A Circular Base- Crafting a Distinctive Candy Basket - An Instructional Guide

Finish up the basket by placing a circular paper to create a base for the basket. Paste the bottom folded cuts onto this circular paper to make a sturdy base.

Step 9: Sticking Candies

Sticking Candies- Learn How to Construct a Unique Candy Basket - Step by Step

At last, you will get something like this. So, start by sticking candies on the strips. Place some candies inside the basket also. You will get a beautiful candy basket!

Our Paper Candy Basket Is Ready!

Our Paper Candy Basket Is Ready- Comprehensive Guide to Crafting a Special Candy Basket

When you are done with sticking candies on the strips, finish it up by filling the candies in the baskets. You can add paper-crafted flowers to make it look more attractive. There you go!! Your candy basket is ready. You can present this Cute Candy basket to your friends and siblings. They will love it!

Hope you like this Candy basket craft step-by-step tutorial. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to visit other articles for more ideas! Thanks for visiting our website.

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