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Snails Over Tree Branch Clay-Paper Craft For Kids

Snails Over Tree Branch Clay-Paper Craft For Kids

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Snails Over Tree Branch Clay-Paper Craft For Kids

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Let your kids explore their creativity with this unique clay-paper craft! Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make snails crawling over a tree branch using just paper and clay. 

This adorable craft can be made by you easily in a few simple steps! This tutorial is curated in such a manner that even kids will be easily able to make this astonishing artwork. They will learn to shape and knead clay and make different shapes out of it. Snails are very slow-moving animals. They are mostly found on the branches and mainly feed on green leaves. They tend to hide in their shells in the face of danger and threat. Grab your craft supplies and let’s get started!

Simple Snail Over Tree Clay Paper Craft

Snails Over Tree Branch Clay-Paper Craft For Kids

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Materials Required

  • Clay dough(Pink, Purple, Orange, Blue, Indigo blue)
  • Craft sheet(White, Green)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sketch pens(Brown, Black)


Step 1: Drawing The Branch Of The Tree

Drawing The Branch Of The Tree- Children can make a clay-paper craft featuring snails on a tree branch.

Let’s begin our craft by taking a white sheet of paper. Cut it into a big circle. This will become the base of our craft. Take a brown sketch pen and make a branch in the center of the circle as shown. Make the other end of the branch curved in an upward direction.

Step 2: Making A Snail’s Shell

Making A Snail's Shell- Kids can fashion a clay-paper creation featuring snails perched on a tree branch.

Take pink clay and carefully roll it in a spiral as shown. This will become the shell of the snail.

Step 3: Pasting The Snail’s Shell On The Branch

Pasting The Snail's Shell On The Branch- A clay-paper craft designed by children with snails perched on a tree branch.

Now, paste the pink shell on the left side of the branch as shown.

Step 4: Making The Snail’s Body

Making The Snail's Body- A clay-paper craft made by kids that includes snails on a tree branch.

Make more shells of different colors like orange, purple, and blue. Place them closely on the branch as shown. Take a black sketch pen and draw the neck, a circular head, and two tentacles on top of the head as shown.

Step 5: Making More Snails

Making More Snails- Kids can make a clay-paper craftwork of snails on a tree branch.

Repeat the above steps and make the bodies and heads of the other snails too.

Step 6: Pasting A Leaf

Pasting A Leaf- A clay-paper craft project for children with snails sitting atop a tree branch.

To make a leaf, take the green paper and cut it into a leaf shape. Paste it on the end of the curved branch with the pointed end facing on the left side. Take a black sketch pen and draw the veins on the leaves as shown.

Step 7: Pasting More Leaves

Pasting More Leaves- An artistic craft project for kids with snails perched on a tree branch made of clay-paper.

Using a brown sketch pen, extend the branch from the middle and split it into two sub-branches as shown. Take green paper and cut more leaves from it and paste them on the branches. Using a black sketch pen, make the veins on the leaves.

Step 8: Adding Raindrops

Adding Raindrops- Children's craft project of snails on a tree branch, made of clay-paper.

Take blue clay dough and make pear shapes from it. These will represent the raindrops. Paste them on the white background as shown.

The Clay Snail Craft Is Ready!

The Clay Snail Craft Is Ready!- Kids can make a clay-paper craft with snails on a tree branch.

The beautiful scenery of four snails hiding under a leaf in the rain is ready! You can add more snails or leaves as per your choice.

The addition of raindrops has added a different charm to the whole craft. The colorful snails are bound to catch the attention of friends and relatives. It can be used as a perfect home decor or can also be displayed in the classrooms. The shells are made with clay and hence the shell of the snails look more emphasized and vibrant. Kids will learn to develop fine motor skills and creating new kinds of art will boost their creativity and enrich their artistic minds. Keep following for more ideas.

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