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Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas For Kids To Try


Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas For Kids To Try

Hey there! I hope you and your little one are happy learning and exploring. Here you are going to meet various friendly animals that children will find amazing and fun. Drawing these sketches will not only improve their skill but will also improve their knowledge about these animals. So, one by one let’s go through all of them.

Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas For Kids

Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas For Kids To Try

Emotional Bunny And Carrot

Emotional Bunny And Carrot

Look at those deep emotional eyes you will find innocence, that innocent smile contains happiness, joy, and elegance. This cute baby rabbit is the best image to fill a child with joy and happiness. By practicing this sketch a child will learn about how facial expressions can change the whole feeling of the sketch. This bunny is so much adorable to draw and color. Kiddies will find the process fun and interesting. The small carrot that the rabbit is holding indicates the love between the carrot and rabbit. Draw this beautiful sketch with your child, discuss some facts about rabbits, their habitat, diet, and behavior, and have fun.

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Curly Snake

Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas For Kids To Try Curly Snake

Let’s try making this snake. Hiss! It says and talks to kids about the wonders of the jungle. A snake is the hidden eye of the forest. It sees everything, with its calm and still attitude. A snake teaches us to be calm and still under uneasy situations. By practicing this sketch kids will learn to draw a snake sitting in a curly position. The snake is drawn comically so that children could be attracted to its positive nature. There are various circular spots on its body, and its going is also out. The big eyes make it more mysterious, for kids to take an interest and draw.

The Funny Cat And Mouse Relation

The Funny Cat and Mouse Relation

This sketch is about the funny relationship between a cat and a mouse. The sketch shows a cat chilling in the company of a little mouse. One rarely gets to see this scene in real life. The cat has details on her body like brown stripes. Kids should have drawn cats before, but this sketch speaks of something else the cat is indifferent position this time, there is a mouse also. The sketch depicts the friendship of a cat and a mouse, not that a cat likes to eat the mouse only. A cat eats other ingredients as well. Make your child draw this different sketch.

The Spiked Hedgehog

Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas For Kids To Try The Spiked Hedgehog

This Hedgehog is looking quite spiked up. A Hedgehog is a small baby panda size similar to a mouse and a puppy animal. It has spiked fur and a cute face. It likes to eat fruits and insects. This image shows an adult hedgehog, there are apples stuck to its spikes. It’s a nice idea to show the sharpness of the spikes. On getting annoyed they turn themselves up into a ball of sharp spikes. They are easy to hold if handled with soft hands, not pressurizing much. Kids will learn about these animals if they draw this sketch.

Cute Little Baby Dinosaur

Cute Little Baby Dinosaur

Here is the sketch that kids will find interesting to draw. Yeah, a sketch that takes the imagination and creativity out of this world. When kids will think about this sketch, they will think about the dinosaurs that look like this, they will consider the good side of a dinosaur. The dinosaur over here is represented comically, its eyes demand love, care, and happiness. It’s easy to draw sketches, with little effort a child will be able to complete the sketch. If they want, can add a combination of colors to this sketch as well.

The Happiest Pig

Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas For Kids To Try The Happiest Pig

Look at this pig, how happy it is. He is one of the happiest faces I have seen the entire day. Here also the concept of facial expression comes into place. Kids can observe and make that the expressions and small details matter, which makes our creation alive. In this sketch, the pig is drawn with the happiest expression, in real life a pig does not smile, but in imagination, it can. Kids will learn to draw a pig that could have a positive attitude, which makes the viewer happy as well. Draw and color this sketch also, so that it can shine brightly.

Peppa Pig On Mud

Peppa Pig On Mud

Kids and mud, no one can stop them from playing there. If you and your child are familiar with this character I am sure you will let your child draw this sketch. As a child can love Peppa so much that they can watch it all day. This sketch shows that Peppa is paying ion the mud, the image is colorless, but it is mud. It becomes the responsibility of the kid to fill colors to this sketch after drawing. We should discuss the activities that Peppa does every day to keep herself busy and keeps learning something new every day. Kids should also keep themselves busy doing constructive activities.

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Playfull Rabbit

Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas For Kids To Try Playfull Rabbit

This bundle of joy, happiness, and mysteries plays on the field. It can turn their ears 180 degrees, and point to the exact direction of the source of a sound. If children draw this sketch they can know what a rabbit looks like, if they have not seen it before. They will learn a few facts about them. When they draw this sketch tell them about the appearance of this creature. The overload of fluffiness, cuteness, and excitement contained in them. All rabbits have different colored fur, some are black, brown, with spots, and white. Any desired color can be filled.

The Question Mark? Tailed Monkey

The Question Mark? Tailed Monkey

Well, the tail does look like a question mark. What do you think? You see, a monkey is a very casual animal, it does not care about how he looks, or what others feel. A monkey does what he feels good doing. A monkey follows the crowd, meaning he will do what others in the group are doing, and the others will follow the head of the group. What could we learn from a monkey? Don’t copy others, do the right thing at the right time, and never hurt the feelings of another person. Well, humans have advanced so much, that in terms of humanity we are lagging. Well, the most important trait to learn is humanity, and that too from the monkeys.

The Triplets Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas For Kids To Try The Triplets

Here we have an interesting sketch of three dogs. All three are very cute and adorable. Kids can practice this sketch and learn to draw cute puppies. It’s a simple sketch, to have fun with. It is a conceptual drawing, which can be advanced to draw a full detailed sketch related to the image. The paws are not mentioned, the ears are casual, and the tail is on only one puppy. If you see that the puppies are drawn from a spiral, the helical ears are first drawn, then other details are added. That’s the concept here in this sketch. Fill in some colors also if possible.

Deep Asleep Fox

Deep Asleep Fox

A fox is the most clever, skillful, and smart hunter. A group of foxes is called a leash, they hunt on a leash strategically, but more than often they hunt on their own. They are clever because they know how things work, and what will be the future outcome of an action.  A male fox is called a dog fox, and a female fox is called a vixen. A fox has sharp ears and a straight snout. Their face is smaller than a dog’s. Their remarkable identity is their tail, which is fluffy, thick, and hairy. There are many different colored foxes; red, grey, white, and black.

A Beautiful Butterfly

Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas For Kids To Try A Beautiful Butterfly

What a beautiful butterfly packed with all the designs and patterns. Tell the kid about the cycle that a butterfly follows. From a caterpillar to larvae, then, to a butterfly to an egg, then again a caterpillar. If possible discuss the need for a butterfly, and how they are necessary for the environment, plants, and trees. How they help in pollinating the flowers and fruits. They suck nectar from flowers and fly to different parts of a garden. kids do excite when they see a butterfly, use that excitement to draw this butterfly. Coloring will make it more attractive.

Weren’t the sketches fun to draw and color. We came around a few facts about every animal we met. We explored and played together, that was the most interesting thing to do. Kids also learn when they spend time with their parents. So, keep following these types of activities on our website, and keep having fun. Keep visiting us.

Thank You!

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