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15 Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids

15 Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids

Kids Activities

15 Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids

Activities for Kids

Creative art projects for kids to create. Find fun new ways to enjoy the process of creating art with toddlers and preschoolers. These are such fun ways to work on counting skills together with your kids.

Art and craft is a must when it comes to projects for toddlers. To enhance their skills & develop their minds.

Most of the time parents depends on the playschool but one should start all these at home for their young ones as the home is the first school for the kids. Today we would like to share some ideas on the same.

Fun-Filled Craft For Toddler

1. Paper Plate Art

Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids

Arrange some colours and paper plates & see your little one’s creations and how they enjoy it and get busy in their own colourful world . Surprisingly you will see how adorable talented artist are they.

2. Toy Painting

Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids


Some soft paint colours, a chart and a toy allow your baby to paint it. You will see how he express his imagination through it and become more creative. The best part is we became aware of the child’s thinking patterns.

3. Free Hand

Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids

Put Some colours and chart paper near the kid and watch those emotions they engrave on their drawings as well the power of their thoughts, how beautifully they describe themselves.

4. Toddler And Paints

Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids

There is no need for you to help him with this art. You will notice that your child is a born artist and an expert in depicting innocence by whatever he does and wherever he is.

5. Hand Paint Chick

Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids

Put some paints on and start the craft. Put in hand stamps and make the art piece an innovative one, the tutorial is gonna teach you the basics. The rest is all yours.

6. Paint Bottles

Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids

Arrange some paint bottles for your child’s next craft. These are easy and do not require any specific instructions, just let your inner artist do its thing.

7. Stamp Crab

Stamp Crab

Children are curious and playful. They love to experiment with paints and bring up their own art piece. Leave behind famous artists and let’s acknowledge what our young artists can or cannot.

8. Hand paint Cover

Hand paint Cover

This craft is easy and feasible. You will need some paper, paints and your creativity. Follow the tutorial and with some creativity, you can create a lot of different art pieces with a single idea.

9. Exploring The Paint Brush

This craft is gonna require some paints and an additional prop that being a paintbrush. Let your creativity flow and do it.

10. Board Art

Board Art

Creativity can be put to use in any manner that feels right to you. This idea is useful if you are looking to make your classroom more effective and interactive.

11. Sponge And Paint

Sponge And Paint

This craft is an amazing way for a DIY session or a fake play. Gather some sponge, paint and straws to make a delicious drooling ice cream sundae.

12. Just Play

Just Play

If you wanna play you don’t need any toys or messy crafts. Just grab what’s around you and start putting your ideas to action.

13. Finger Painting

Finger Painting

Finger painting is amongst the favourites of children. They drool over the idea of playing free with paints and expressing themselves. Follow the tutorial to know more.

14. Food Play

Food Play

Sometimes it’s a bliss to find the little artists taking craft to next level. This video is as such where you will release there is no limits to a child’s creativity.

15. Paint And You

Paint And You

Painting does the thing when you are clueless about how to be you! It’s difficult yet simplest to go with the flow. Let’s celebrate the freedom of expression through this DIY.

So, we are finally up with the daily craft ideas. Every week we bring to you the best of ideas for every occasion and festival. Do let us know how it turned out for you. We’d be waiting! Liked the craft?

#Amazing! Ping us on our mail with your suggestions or comment down below, we will get back to you positively. CHECKOUT our other craft ideas for your special occasion on our website below, HURRY!

Activities for Kids
  • 15 Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids
  • 15 Creative & Fun Art Projects for Kids
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