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Easy Drawing Ideas For 4 Year Old Kids

Easy Drawing Ideas For 4 Year Old Kids


Easy Drawing Ideas For 4 Year Old Kids

Activities for Kids

Hello, my dear friends, I hope that you are doing fine. This section has various elaborate sketches on drawing and coloring for kids. If your kid needs some ideas to make sketches, then this article is very useful. The sketches are on balloons, dinosaurs, squirrels, elephants, and many more. Go through each of the images given below and try them out with your kids. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of easy drawing ideas for kids to enhance skills like lighter balloons, prickly desert cactus, women in traditional chinese clothing, love you too, newborn baby, playful baby elephant, ballet dancer, hopeful bunny, shady squirrel and curly air.

Easy Drawing Ideas For 4 Year Old Kids

Easy Drawing Ideas For 4 Year Old Kids

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Lighter Balloons

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Enhance Skills Lighter Balloons

Let’s start with an easy picture that your kid can draw without hassle. This sketch of a balloon that is very easy and simple will be a good start. The three balloons are very colorful, the first one has yellow spots, the second one has pink stripes, and the third one has blue stars, that children can make with a lot of easiness. The balloon floats because of the air that is filled inside it. Helium gas is used to fill the balloon because it is inflammable. Kids like to play with balloons and I am sure they will also like to draw them as well.

Prickly Desert Cactus

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Enhance Skills Prickly Desert Cactus

A colorless desert cactus is what your child needs to practice. This cactus has a beautiful smile. Despite being in the middle of a hot desert this cactus has a beautiful smile happily, he can produce a pretty flower. The cactus teaches us to be happy and hopeful in the worst situations because there is someone who cares for us and keeps the last gate open when everything closes. A cactus is a source of life in a desert, in its big stem, it can store gallons of water. Make kids adapt to the learnings we get from this brave cactus. They can also color the sketch after drawing with the color of their choice.

Women In Traditional Chinese Clothing

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Enhance Skills Women In Traditional Chinese Clothing

The real drawing starts from here and this sketch demands concentration and focus. The sketch depicts a Chinese woman in her traditional clothing which is known as Hanfu. Hanfu is one of the oldest traditional China’s clothing. It is said that it traces back to over 4000 years, and was famous clothing of the Han dynasty. The sketch is colorless, but yet looking good. The woman is depicted in a pure Chinese look, with hairs and makeup all Chinese. The sketch is formal, and kids will learn about traditional Chinese clothing.

Love You Too

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Enhance Skills Love You Too!

It is a Chinese way to say “I Love You”. “520” started as a slang word by Chinese people as a shortcut to say I love you. The numbers in this sketch are represented creatively, and kids can draw them very easily. The only requirements are rulers and sketch pens to make this sketch. The sketch can teach kids to be creative at whatever they do, and produce the best results. This sketch can be used in various places, like gift cards, photo frames, flower pots, etc.

New Born Baby

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Enhance Skills New Born Baby

This newborn baby dinosaur sketch is a bundle of joy and happiness. The sketch depicts a dinosaur baby emerging out of the egg. The sketch has lots of things for a kid to teach. This sketch teaches kids to learn how to draw a cracked egg, those zig-zag designs of an egg can be drawn with the help of this image. The cute little dinosaur is easy to draw, the dinosaur is very happy to see the world around him. He is grateful that he got born in this beautiful world. The moment he saw the world he fell in love with the beautiful nature of mother earth. Let your kid draw this peaceful sketch to add it to their art collection.

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Playful Baby Elephant

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Enhance Skills Playful Baby Elephant

Drawing an elephant just got easy. By looking at the above sketch your kid can draw this cute baby elephant who is playing in the water. Elephants are very peaceful creatures, they have a very sharp memory and never forget an incident in their life. They are very joyful, playful, social, and jubilant creatures. Human beings have made their lives miserable by taking their lands, destroying their homes, and cutting down their places, and because of the merciless acts of humans upon them, they become ferocious and attack human settlements to protect their life, their family, and their children. This colorful sketch of this little elephant is very peaceful and generates positive thoughts. If a child can color this sketch, then it will be considered as a contribution to their peace.

Ballet Dancer

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Enhance Skills Ballet Dancer

Dancing improves our metabolism, boosts immunity, lifts our moods, and ultimately makes us happy. This sketch shows a little girl performing ballet dance. The girl is cute and pretty. The dress she is wearing is a professional ballet dress that professional ballet dancers wear. The sketch is colorless, but fine. Pointe Technique is a type of technique where ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet. I think the girl is also in the Ponte position. Make your kids draw this sketch and color it accordingly.

Hopeful Bunny

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Enhance Skills Hopeful Bunny

A sketch of a cute bunny is what your child’s art book needs. This bunny has a smile of eternity, and cuteness unmatched. A bunny likes to eat carrots, that’s why in most of the sketches where a bunny is drawn it is drawn with a carrot, to bring life to the sketch. This simple sketch can bring excitement, joy, and learning to your kid. Through its big ears, a bunny can hear almost any distant noise, and its ears can turn by 180 degrees isn’t it shocking. These fluffy animals are too sensitive, therefore they must be carried with care. Let your child draw this beautiful sketch of a cute bunny and get excellent.

Shady Squirrel

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Enhance Skills Shady Squirrel

The outline sketch of this squirrel is very plain and simple. Your kid can use this sketch as a reference to make a squirrel and color it. Squirrels are very small bushy tail rodents who live on trees and can be seen in your backyards. They like fruits and nuts, and they can smell nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts kept in your kitchen. They bury their food deep underground in summers so that they can have a store of food in winters. This implies that they are very intelligent and smart. Make your kids draw this little squirrel and color it as well.

Curly Air

Easy Drawing Ideas For Kids To Enhance Skills Curly Air

This easy sketch at the end to finish this article is of a wind blowing. The wind blows due to the difference in air pressures on the land and sea. Land heats faster, therefore air above the land gets lighter and rises above, and the cooler air above the sea takes its place, that’s how the wind blows. This sketch could be useful in situations where there is a need to show a wind blowing. After all, the sketch is simple and precise that could be drawn with ease. Your child should draw it.

That’s all my friends, I hope you did well throughout this article. Please appreciate your kid’s work and if there are some problems where a child faces difficulty in drawing, then I would say that practice can make solve that issue. If you wanna try more ideas, then don’t hesitate to move to the next article and try it out.

Thank You, do visit again.

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