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Number Drawing Ideas for Kids

Number Drawing Ideas for Kids


Number Drawing Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Welcome, everyone!

Have you ever thought that we can link numbers with drawing? Today we will draw various things out of the numbers. These numbers will help you to draw various difficult images. You need to observe the below-given images and you will trace them very easily. It happens many times with us that we think that we can do any difficult work, but once we have interest and complete attention towards it, we can do wonders. We have dedicated this article to those who think that drawing is a tough subject and they can’t draw anything well. So let’s get started. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of fun with numbers and drawing like best of your tricky mind, number fun, crazy drawing with number, creativity and numbers and tantrums from the sun.

Number Drawing Ideas for Kids

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Best Of Your Tricky Mind

Fun With Numbers And Drawing Best Of Your Tricky Mind

You need to look at the above-given image for some time. After some time you will realize that all these things have been traced from basic numbers starting from one and ending at ten. We have created sparrow from one, duck from two, butterfly from three, fish from four, a bird from five, a snail from six, the rat from seven, born from eight, the parrot from nine and bee from ten. Just write the numbers first and then add other features. This way of drawing is very simple and it’s very less time-consuming. You try to draw these all. The difficulty level for this one is very easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.

Number Fun

Fun With Numbers And Drawing Number Fun

These six images have been made from numbers. The black colour has been used to denote the number and the blue lines depict the further detailing. Just have a look at these and then try to trace them one by one. We have created beetle out of one, duck out of two, Butterfly out of three, fish out of four, penguin out of five and a  snail out of six. You draw these all or anyone out of them. We have not used any colour to fill it with but if you wish, you can go for colouring. This drawing is simple and the difficulty level is very easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.

Crazy Drawing With Number

Fun With Numbers And Drawing Crazy Drawing With Number

The above-given animals have been drawn beautifully and neatly. At very first you may find them difficult to trace, but once you write the numbers as shown by blue colour, then drawing the rest features shown by black one, will make your work easier. It will take just a little time of yours and you will get good grades from your teacher. We have made riffraff from one, a frog from two, the monkey from three rats from four, a hen from five, and a cute cat from six. Give them a try and also fill them with beautiful colours to make them look more attractive. The difficulty level for this one is easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 8+.

Creativity And Numbers

Fun With Numbers And Drawing Creativity And Numbers

Many times we get projects and assignments on animals in the subject of art and we find it very difficult to draw them. This time you will draw them and get nice grades and most importantly, you wouldn’t find them difficult to draw. Numbers will help you to trace them without any hindrance. We have made this beautiful tree from the number one, then we tried to trace duck and monkey from two and three respectively. Apple has been made from five. Fish and snail got their origin from four and six respectively. You can use any colour to fill them. The difficulty level for this one is easy and this drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.

Tantrums From The Sun

Fun With Numbers And Drawing Tantrums From The Sun

We are all aware of the fact that the sun is a star and gives us heat and light. In the above image, we have given the different looks of the sun. In some places, you may find it happy, cheerful, and sometimes sad also. In one of the images, the sun is wearing sunglasses also. We have created all these looks of the sun from number zero. You need to draw the zero number and after that, you need to draw the further detailing. You can use yellow or orange colour to make it look more good and charming. You can use any colour like pencil, wax, sketch, watercolour or poster colours. The difficulty level of this one is easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+.

I hope this article was full of fun and excitement for you all. These tricks were very simple and helpful for poor drawing kids. We will focus to come up with more easy tricks so that we can make difficult things easier for you all. You can give your genuine review by commenting on the comment section below. Do share your views regarding this one. Stay tuned with us for more articles that will benefit your kid in the field of art and craft. Thank you.

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