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Creative Giraffe Handprint Painting Idea For Beginners

Creative Giraffe Handprint Painting Idea For Beginners


Creative Giraffe Handprint Painting Idea For Beginners

Make a stunning giraffe handprint artpiece with minimal effort by using our straightforward guide. Great for those just starting out with painting! Includes a list of materials and directions.

This tutorial presents to you a very simple technique of drawing a giraffe on paper. The hand print method used in this tutorial is very popular among children. They love to apply colorful paint on their hands and make amazing handprint drawings. This tutorial is just an extension of this favorite activity of the kids. You can organize this activity in the classroom or at home on holidays or on days when it is snowing heavily outdoors. So, grab your supplies, and let’s dive into this amazing process!

Easy Giraffe Handprint Painting Idea

Creative Giraffe Handprint Painting Idea For Beginners

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Materials Required

  • Craft Sheet(White)
  • Watercolors(Yellow, Brown)
  • Scissors
  • Cotton bud
  • Paintbrushes
  • Googly eye


Step 1: Applying Yellow Paint On The Palm

Applying Yellow Paint On The Palm-Inventive Giraffe Handprint Art Design For Novices-

Let’s begin by taking a white craft sheet. Cut it into a circle. This will become the base of our craft. Apply yellow paint on the palm of your kid’s left hand.

Step 2: Making The Handprint

Making The Handprint-Innovative Giraffe Impression Picture Concept For Newbies-

Carefully place the hand in the center of the white circle. Then, press it firmly to get the handprint on the paper.

Step 3: Flipping The White Circle

Flipping The White Circle-Imaginative Giraffe Handprint Artwork Thought For Novices-

Now, flip the circle o that the fingers of the handprint face downwards.

Step 4: Pasting The Eyes

Pasting The Eyes-Unique Giraffe Palmprint Painting Design For Learners-

Take a googly eye and paste it on the thumb as shown in the image. The thumb forms the head of the giraffe.

Step 5: Drawing The Ossicones And The Ears

Drawing The Ossicones And The Ears-Clever Giraffe Handprint Painting Plan For Rookies-

Take brown paint and make an ossicone on the head. To make the ossicone, draw a thin small line and make the circular top. To make the ears, use yellow paint and make the conical-shaped ears on top of the giraffe’s head.

Step 6: Making The Tail

Making The Tail-Original Giraffe Handprint Painting Project For Rookies-

Take brown paint and make the tail of the giraffe as shown in the image. Also, add the hairy bulge at the end of the tail.

Step 7: Making The Brown Spots

Making The Brown Spots-Artistic Giraffe Handprint Picture Inspiration For Beginners-

Take a cotton bud and dip it in brown paint and make small brown dots and patches on the entire body of the giraffe as shown.

The Easy Giraffe Handprint Painting Is Ready!

The Easy Giraffe Handprint Painting Is Ready!-Creative Giraffe Mark Painting Concept For Newcomers-

And that’s it! You have completed the art tutorial on the easy giraffe painting handprint idea! It is ready to adorn the walls of the classroom or the kids’ play area.

Some More Giraffe Craft Tutorial

Adorable Giraffe Drawing for Kids

Adorable Giraffe Drawing for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This adorable giraffe drawing for kids is the perfect way to bring out the creativity in your little ones. With its simple and fun design, it’s sure to spark joy and imagination in your children.

Make the feet of the giraffe by painting the ends of each leg as shown. It is such a creative way to represent the thumb of the hand as the neck and the rest four fingers as the legs of the giraffe. This creative art can be a medium to open healthy and educational discussions on giraffes, their habitat, and their importance in the food chain. The children can be informed about the reason for the presence of brown spots on the body of the giraffe. The brown spots help in regulating the body temperature and also help the giraffes to camouflage in the wild vegetation. Keep following our website for fresh drawing ideas.

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