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Glitter Pen Drawings for Kids


Glitter Pen Drawings for Kids

Hope you all are well. In today’s article, we will be discussing some of the easiest drawing ideas for the kids. Drawing and colouring are both important to represent your creativity. Colour makes your drawing much more beautiful. Kids may get bored with traditional old colouring methods and wanted to learn some new colouring techniques. Today we will do the colouring, in some different ways. To know what tint we are going to give to our drawings continue reading further.

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Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids

Glittering Snowflakes

Glittering Snowflakes

Nature has gifted us with different types of seasons. Winter is the only season in which snowfalls occur. All the regions of the world are not able to receive it. Snowfall is the frozen form of water that falls only when the temperature falls zero degrees. Whenever the snow is falling, I love to watch each flake coming down and touching the ground from the window. Everything looks charming as everything is covered in a white layer of snow. Everything looks peaceful and calm. Snowfall brings the message of happiness to the kids. Kids come out of their homes and love to do snow fights. The most famous activities that children love to perform in snow include snow skating, snow skiing etc. The most entertaining game for kids is the making of a snowman. You can draw this snowflake on your drawing books or art books. First, trace it with the help of a pencil and then fill it with glitter colour from inside. Using a blue sketch pen, trace the outline of the snowflake. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus.

Glowing Sparrow

Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Glowing Sparrow

Birds are one of the beautiful creations of God. We have different types of birds in nature. Sparrow is one of them. They are very small in size and very cute in look. Like other birds, they live in a nest. You can find sparrow’s nests anywhere near your place like on trees, any building or on the roof of your house. Baby sparrows are known as hatchlings. Sparrows lay eggs in their nests and both the parents together take care of their babies. Male and female sparrows have some distinct physical features.

In the above image, you can see that the sparrow is sitting on a tree branch and you can give a try to draw this on your drawing books or art books. This drawing has a difficulty level of medium. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group eight plus. You need to trace the main body with a pencil and then you need to fill the lines with a Glitter pen, which you can go for outlining using any of your favourite colours. We have used pink.

Festive Christmas

Festive Christmas

Whenever we see any X Mass tree, we think of Christmas. X mass tree represents this festival. Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ by Christians. Christmas is celebrated during winter and it is compulsory to decorate x mass tree so that Santa clause becomes happy and gives gifts to children. So children are the most excited ones. They are excited about receiving the gifts.

You can draw the above-given image using glitter tubes and it looks awesome. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group eight plus. The difficulty level for this one is medium. Impress your Santa by dedicating this painting to him.


Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Cube

This is a geometric shape and it looks very difficult to draw. If you will try to trace this with dedication, you can draw it well. It needs some patience and some practice. This drawing is the tricky one as it is a three-dimensional image It is very important to do the practice it properly. It is a cube. It is like a square but has six faces as a dice has. Dice is an example of a cube shape. Some more examples include ice cubes, sugar cubes etc.

It comprises 8 vertices and 12 edges. Like a square, we have all the four sides of equal length, in the same way, all the faces, vertices and edges are of the same length. Erno Rubik was the person who invented the cube shape. Draw this carefully in your geometry notebooks. You can add a tint to it by filling it with a glitter pen. This drawing has a difficulty level of medium and is suitable for kids of age nine plus.

Repeated Image As That Of The First One

Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Repeated Image As That Of The First One



Snowflakes are just like raindrops The only difference is that the raindrops are made up of water while the snowflakes are made up of snow. Snowflakes can be also called snowdrops. Watching snowflakes coming from the sky helps us to relieve our stress. You can draw this in your drawing books or art books. It’s is not complex, just takes a few minutes of yours. You need to draw roughly the base of the snowflakes using a pencil. After that, you have to use Glitter tubes or even glitter pens that can work. It gives a shiny, glittery look. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group eight plus. The difficulty level for this one is somewhere between easy to medium. Give your best to this one and impress your teachers, friends and parents with your creativity.

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Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Heart

Our body has external organs as well as internal ones. Internal organs are the vital ones. The heart is one of them. The size of the heart is the same as that of your clenched fist. Our emotions and love for anybody are all controlled by our hearts. The above given is the heart shape. The heart shape is also used to represent or symbolize ” Love”.

The above-given picture is a three-dimensional image of the heart. We have used a mixed combination of sketch and glitter colours. This look fascinates kids and they draw it by heart pencil is used initially to draw the base of the heart. Once the base is ready then we can use a sketch-pen, and inside lines, we have to apply glitter colour. The difficulty level for this one is easy and it is best suited for the kids of age group seven-plus.

Alphabet S

Alphabet S

We have been taught about alphabets from the beginning. As we already know that twenty-six alphabets exist in the English language. We have drawn the alphabet S above in the picture. You can draw the same one or you can go for the initial alphabet of your name.

This image is also three dimensional and a bit complex to draw. With some practice, you’ll draw it well. This is again a combination of sketch pens and glitter colour. We have used a red sketch pen, you can choose any colour of your choice. The outline has been done using sketch pens. You can fill the inner lines using glitter pens. The difficulty level of this drawing is between easy to medium. This one is suitable for the kids of age group eight plus.


Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the famous grooming tools for women. Women love to doll themselves and they use various products for it. Lipstick is used to apply on lips and it gives any desired colour to lips and makes them more attractive. Girls will be interested to draw this one.

Every girl is very fond of using lipstick from childhood. This one is dedicated to girls only. The above-given image is a pink coloured lipstick. Instead of pink colour, you can fill it with any other shade of your choice. It is simple to draw. You need to trace some squares and rectangles to make the base of the lipstick, the rest other features are easy to trace. This drawing is suitable for the girls of age group seven colour. The difficulty level for this one is easy. We have used crayon colours here.



Rat is a rodent and is hated by most people. It lives in burrows and holes. It causes damage to many household things and is a carrier of many diseases. Cats love to eat rats, so rats get frightened once they see any car around them. Rats are very small in size and they have the capacity of running very fast. They have a thing long tail, whiskers and a pair of ears. You can draw this naughty creature on your art books or drawing books. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus. The green colour is used for outlining and for filling purposes use glitter pens.

Different Shapes

Glitter Pen Drawings For Kids Different Shapes

The above given tiny things are the different types of geometrical shapes like star, heart, diamond, triangle, circle, rhombus etc. We have used only Glitter pens for both outlines as well as filling purposes. This drawing is the easiest of all others and can be drawn by anyone. The difficulty for this drawing is very easy and it is best suitable for the kids of age group 6+.

We have given our best to make this article, to help you. Introducing this glittering colour technique may have helped you to inculcate some more interest in your kid towards drawing. This technique is simple, but it’s unique. It brings life to your drawings and you can get good grades in your art and craft subject.

You can try these ideas for your project works as well. We have always tried our best to publish such writing that will be constructive to your kids in the field of art and craft. Stay tuned for more.

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