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Hand Turkey Crafts For Thanksgiving

Hand Turkey Crafts For Thanksgiving

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Hand Turkey Crafts For Thanksgiving

Seasonal decorations are a fun way to celebrate holidays and children can get a good exposure out of them. Well, we can also blend the multiple activities listed below into something more creative and innovative. We know that turkey is the famous dish on the occasion of thanksgiving and so we decided to make crafts of the same theme. They are the perfect and cheapest things that you can use as a craft. We can’t even imagine the number of things we can make from this theme. You can easily access all the crafts material from your nearest stationery shop or you can also find them on these e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal, etc.

If you’re looking for craft ideas for the occasion of thanksgiving, then this is the article for you.

Hand Turkey Crafts For Thanksgiving

Hand Turkey Crafts For Thanksgiving

1.Turkey Handprint Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: The Best Ideas For Kids2

Turkeys are named after the country Turkey, and thanksgiving is just around the corner, so we decided on making a small contribution to your thanksgiving practices where we will be making a handprint turkey card. It’s very easy to make and you will have a lot of fun. You can start making it just before thanksgiving and your near and dear ones will surely feel special.

2. Handprint Turkey Hat

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

The thanksgiving craft we are going to perform today is one of my favorites. This activity is super fun and will also add glamour and theme to your thanksgiving dinner. In this, we used handprint feathers using the cut-outs of our hand and glued them back on the headband for anyone to wear. For this, you will only require colored cardstocks, scissors, glue, and a creative mind.

3. Handprint Turkey Face

Image Source/Tutorial: The Kindergarten Connection

We know Thanksgiving is just around the corner and every year we celebrate it with utmost gratitude, and so we decided on making this handprint turkey craft using a clothespin I absolutely love how these crafts turn out to be after putting all the effort and work. It’s very easy to build and the materials required for the same are mostly present in our house itself, and so we don’t have to go anywhere.

4. Hand-footprint Turkey Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Why do we celebrate thanksgiving? I’m quite sure before you indulge your kids in these thanksgiving crafts they will ask you this question. Well, I am going to answer it for you we celebrate thanksgiving to express gratitude towards the harvest and blessings of the past year. Now, moving ahead and talking about the hand-footprint activity, we decided to paint our kid’s feet brown and hands with different colors and make a turkey portrait out of it. It’s super fun and easy to create and requires a minimal amount of time.

5. Handprint Turkey Stand

Image Source/Tutorial: Liz On Call

As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, let’s gear up and make these beautiful little turkey cans with handprints at the back display of the cans. The handprints will behave like the feathers of the turkey. It’s time-saving and it will add great couture to your thanksgiving arrangements. You can make them simple with a mere amount of colored cardstocks and cardboards.

6. Thanksgiving Card Expressing Gratitude

Image Source/Tutorial: Mainly Homemade

We all are well aware of the history of thanksgiving where the pilgrims were so grateful that they have managed a good harvest into the wilderness of New England, they were so thankful that they decided to step aside and devote a day acknowledging the god for good deeds and that’s why we celebrate Thanksgiving and so we decided on making a card display for our loved ones expressing our gratitude towards them and thanking them for being with us and helping us all along.

7. Colorful Turkey Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activity Blog

This colorful turkey thanksgiving craft is for everyone and it’s super easy to make. The best part of this is that we don’t have to go anywhere as all the materials used in this craft are automatically available in your house. For this, you will only require some colored craft foam, a pair of scissors, googly eyes, and some glue.

8. Handprint Turkey

Image Source/Tutorial: Happiest Mommy On The Block

After providing a series of so many different turkey craft ideas, I wanted to make something simple and easy, so I landed upon the idea of hand printing. We can make our child dip their palm in a bowl full of paint color and then dab it on the white paper. Then by using the crayons and googly eyes we can decorate the rest of the features of the turkey and it will be super fun to create. It will help in developing the concentration as well as imagination power of the kids.

9. Easy Handprint Turkey

Image Source/Tutorial: Toddler Approved

Today I wanted to make something simple and so I kept scratching my mind on what to find and what to not! Here, we have brought an activity for you where you will learn the art of cutting and joining! You can make this turkey craft by simply making handprints on different sets of paper and then attaching all of them to another paper which will be the main face of the turkey and cover the features of the same. It’s super easy and fun to create and will have a lot of fun.

10. Turkey Candy Dishes

Image Source/Tutorial: DIY Inspired

This seems to be a fun activity for the kids to help and prepare for Thanksgiving! We will just give you a glimpse of what we will be covering in this activity. So, to start with, we will first take a tracing of your kid’s hands and then attach them to the back of a glass container, you can have any container of your choice and then simply fill the container with candies. You can also add glamour by decorating the same as per your choice such as adding facial features. Pro tip: let your kids get creative with their minds.

11. Rocking Paper Plate

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Craft Room

So far we have discussed an ample amount of crafts with you! But this one is one of my personal favorites. We are going to create a rocking paper plate turkey by using just a paper plate, some paint colors as well as some cardstocks for the features of the same. It’s a simple activity yet so fun to create and it will also help in developing the motor skills of your child. Their imagination power will grow beyond their capacity.

12. Fall Turkey Crafts

Image Source/Tutorial: Create Play Travel

As fall is approaching us and so is the auspicious occasion of thanksgiving! So, keeping that in mind I decided on making this beautiful craft in which we will not only create a turkey out of cardstock but also add features to it and hang them around in the house. It will be super fun to create and witness. We can also add them to the thanksgiving decoration and it all adds up to the vibes.

13. Competitive Turkey Puppet

Image Source/Tutorial: The Contemplative Creative

Who doesn’t love puppets? We all do, I’m sure and so I thought about it and wanted to create something unique and so I came up with the idea of talking puppets. As thanksgiving is also just around the corner, I decided to give it a turkey theme and attach the puppets with popsicle sticks so we can easily grab ahold of them. It’s super easy and fun to create and kids will have a lot of pleasure while playing with it.

14. Handprint Turkey

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun Handprint Art

I have been quite busy while deciding upon the thanksgiving crafts for this year and so I have yet another activity for you people where you will certainly create an evil eye turkey with just mere pieces of cardstock, paper plate, and handprint cuttings. Kids of any age can perform this activity during any holidays but it makes more sense if you perform this during the Thanksgiving holidays.

15. Glittery Turkey Hand

Image Source/Tutorial: Jenerally Informed

Every time I experiment and think about making something unique and good. So, this time I thought about and wanted to make something better out of this, and what better than turkey crafts? as Thanksgiving is approaching us very soon. So we better gear up and make this beautiful turkey craft with our child.

If you were pondering over which crafts to create this thanksgiving then I hope this article has helped you. So, what are you waiting for! Do visit our other posts as well. Also, do let us know in the comment section which craft was your kid’s favorite, and do visit our website for future posts.

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