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Homemade Toy Ideas For Kids

Homemade Toy Ideas For Kids

DIY and Crafts

Homemade Toy Ideas For Kids

Activities for Kids

Homemade toys are fun to make and the satisfaction you got after making them, is damn good! Sadly, Kids, these days forget about making homemade toys and they just want expensive toys from the market because they don’t know the fun and enjoyment hidden in the process of making homemade toys. So kids for your joy we are here with amazing and enthralling ideas for making homemade toys. I hope you will go through our Homemade toy ideas and will make them with your family and friends.

Homemade Toy Ideas For Kids

Easy Paper Airplane & STEM Paper Airplane Challenge

Make this fun and scientific airplane and enjoy playing with it.

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This paper plane is very easy and joyful to make. An ordinary piece of paper or any rectangular piece of paper will suffice to build this paper airplane model known as a dart. You’ll want all of the paper pieces for each child to be the same size if you’re conducting a challenge later and enjoy this homemade toy.

Pipe Cleaner Challenge

Challenge your friends to make something new with Foil paper and pipe cleaner.

Image Source/Tutorial: Housing A Forest

This Pipe cleaner challenge is Fun-filled. Kids may have a lot of fun with tinfoil as a creative tool. Encourage them to bend, twist, and form it into whatever they desire. It may surprise you how malleable it is. With the addition of Pipe Cleaners, your children will be able to construct anything they can imagine. Try it out today and be creative.

Big Hero 6 Engineering Challenge

Think like an engineer and start designing this project.

Image Source/Tutorial: Left Brain Craft Brain


Supplies needed for making Big Hero 6 Engineering Challenge are White balloons with a long neck (pump optional)
, Aluminum foil in a cereal box, Brush and red paint, Materials for design, such as a journal, pen, and ruler. The goal of this project is to teach you how to think like an engineer. Create, test, learn, and repeat. Baymax’s armor may be made by children, just like Hiro Hamada’s in Big Hero 6. Then test it, since as Hiro has discovered, things don’t always work the first time.

Straw Bridges

Began your activity by reading Carol Johmann’s Bridges! to provide the youngsters a strong introduction to bridge design.

Image Source/Tutorial: Playdough To Plato

Construct a bridge sturdy enough to support a plastic cup with 100 cents. Cut the straws to any length they wanted, as long as their bridges were at least an inch off the table. Some teams succeeded, while others failed, but it was fascinating to observe their problem-solving and teamwork in either case. They enjoyed watching what worked for other groups and then applying what they learned to their projects.

Jelly Bean Structure

Do some fun with jelly beans!

Image Source/Tutorial: Lemon Lime Adventures

Using marshmallows to construct structures is a classic engineering exercise for kids of all ages. We adore making structures out of toothpicks and candy. It’s quick, easy, and a lot of fun! We always complete various tasks in addition to our construction, but this time we wanted to “grow” our creations. You have the option of leading your children through activities or allowing them to explore on their own.

Building with Straws

Fun homemade toy with ordinary straws!

Image Source/Tutorial: Lemon Lime Adventures

It was really simple to set up this Building with straws. Only a certain number of straws per child and some washi tape are required. It doesn’t matter whether you use milkshakes or ordinary straws; the results will be different. However, what a fantastic parallel! This time, we utilized ten ordinary straws, but we intend to repeat the challenge with additional straws and then switch up the types of straws. Must try this idea.

Cups, Sticks, and Cubes Craft

Who’d have guessed that craft sticks, cubes, and cups could be so fascinating?

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Fun For Boys

Start by creating a structure using only one cube as the foundation. It’s only one cube! Build the highest structure possible with any size base. Feats of Balance are a set of skills that can be used to achieve a Make something stand out in a significant way!

DIY Soda Rockets

Creative and unique Homemade Soda Rockets!

Image Source/Tutorial: Lemon Lime Adventures

Now make something innovative and enhance your creativity level by making these wonderful Soda rockets. for making this all you need is Styrofoam Cone, Cork Board, Washi Tape, Soda bottles, Rubber Cork, Vinegar, Baking Soda, and  Tissue Paper. Kids this is something new to make, so today just grab some materials and make these tremendous Soda rockets.

Hydraulic Judo Robots – Exciting STEM Project for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Instructables

The bots are made up of four parts: the base, the stand, the arm, and the hydraulic system, which are all created separately. Because of the way they throw and wrestle with one other during fights, Kids call them JudoBots. You need these supplies to make this – craft sticks, Craft cubes, Craft cubes with holes, dower, syringes with tubing and adapter, Adhesive bumpers, cable ties, tape, and Glue gun.

Ice Cube Arch

Will you be able to build a stable structure before the ice melts?

Image Source/Tutorial: Almost Unschoolers

You need lots of ice and start placing them on one another to make an arch. Ice will melt and get attached. Try to make the whole Ice arch within less time, so that the ice doesn’t get melted.

Popsicle Stick Chain

This chain reaction is simple to construct, but it’s a show-stopper! It goes by quickly, but it’s a lot of fun.

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Fun For Boys

Step 1- One stick is balanced on two bricks.
Step 2 -Place another block and stick on top of the first, balancing the stick across the first. One end of each stick you add should be on a block and the other end should be on the stick before it.
Step 3 -Simply remove one of the beginning blocks to start the reaction!

Glue Gun Fun Game

Use your Glue gun in enjoying yourself with your friends.

Image Source/Tutorial: My Nearest And Dearest

This is a very fun craft to make,  it is perfectly suited for kids of age group 7 to 12. For making this all you need some colorful glue sticks of your favorite colors, a plane sheet, and a glue gun. Make joyful designs using a glue gun and use your spare time in this fun Glue gun game.

Paper Building Blocks

What is the strength of paper? Make Paper Building Blocks find out.

Image Source/Tutorial: Babble Dabble Do

Step 1: Place your first piece of paper on your cutting mat and select it. At the 1-inch and 2-inch markers, score your paper vertically, then trim your page completely at the 3-inch mark. To score paper, run your Exacto blade along your straight edge and make a light line in the paper. Folding will be easier as a result of this.

Step 2: With each color of paper, repeat the scoring and trimming process.

Step 3: Crosswise cut the lengths of scored paper into 1-inch strips. If you have a paper cutter, this is the most efficient way to cut. I didn’t have a paper cutter (can you believe that a paper fanatic like me doesn’t have a paper cutter?) so I used an Exacto and a straightedge to trim it.
step 4: Make some paper “planks” out of 1-inch unscored strips of paper. They can range in size from 3 to 6 inches.

Step 5: Along the scored lines, fold your 1-inch strips into thirds.
Step 6: To make a triangle, tape the open edges together.

Step 7: Continue folding and cutting until you get a stack of bricks.

Paper Structures

Kids learn by taking items from their daily lives and repurposing them to accomplish simple tasks.

Image Source/Tutorial: The Homeschool Scientist

Build a structure that can support a book that is 6 inches above the ground. Build a structure 2 feet off the ground to keep eggs. Build a fridge with matchbox cars and crossword puzzles that run from table to table (6 inches apart or so). Build the tallest, free-standing structure you can with only one material. Make a variety of paper airplanes and see which one flies the farthest.

Paper Airplane Launcher

Now give your plane power to fly by using this Homemade Paper Airplane launcher.

Image Source/Tutorial: Frugal Fun For Boys

Paper Airplane launcher is very easy to make. For making this easy homemade fun game, you need a scrap board and two huge nails to build this launcher, then chopped another scrap board into two rectangles and use these to prop up one end of the launcher so that the planes would launch at an angle.
After that, all you have to do was drive the nails into the board to put it together. Then use wood glue to secure the two rectangles beneath the board’s nail end and done! You’re ready to play with this Paper airplane launcher.

Cup Stem

Play some interesting games, this will make your day happy-happy!

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

The children must collaborate to find a means to shift the cups. Some kids may use the straws to lift the cups, while others may attach the thread to the cups and then lift the string ends to lift the cups. Another team stretched the rubber bands around the cups before lifting them all together.

Pom Pom Drop Stem

It’s impossible to have too many boredom busters, especially when they’re educational!

Image Source/Tutorial: Coffee Cups and Crayons

This is Fun challenge to make and play with your friends, you can make this fun homemade game so easily by using materials that are readily available in your home. For making this all you need is an empty foil paper roll, printed colorful tapes for fixing them in their positions, and of course, the main lead of the game is Pom Pom ball. So, if you’re getting bored then make this fun challenge.

Pool Noodle

Make easy-peasy pool noodles!

Image Source/Tutorial: Left BrainCraft Brain

Grab a pool noodle or two and a sharp knife to make the marble run (a steak knife works great). Noodles should be cut into 9-12 inch chunks. Then make a cut down the length of the piece and a second incision around the noodle approximately an inch in diameter.

Consider it like a pie from which you have just taken a 20% slice. Now take one of the picture hanging strips and hang it on the wall. Remove the label from one side of the strip and adhere it to the middle of the noodle piece. Then, at an angle, peel the wall side strip onto the wall, causing the pool noodle to tip downhill.

Homemade Roller Coaster

Everyone likes Roller coasters, so why not make your own homemade Roller coaster.

Image Source/Tutorial: Planet Smarty Pants

A Roller coaster is one of the enjoyable rides and making a roller coaster at home will be more joyful. Kids of age group 8 to 12 can easily make this at home, only you just need some materials like waste plastic pipe, tape, sticks, some papers, large stick as a stand, scissors and done!

Rube Goldberg Machine

So, do you want to build a Rube Goldberg-style contraption with your children?

Image Source/Tutorial: Tinker Lab

Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist, sculptor, novelist, engineer, and inventor who won the Pulitzer Prize for his work. His work is a famous example of the mixing of art and science. Goldberg started as an engineer before becoming a cartoonist who created complicated images of contraptions made up of pulleys, cups, birds, balloons, and watering cans that were supposed to solve simple tasks like opening a window or setting an alarm clock. Goldberg, however, just sketched the illustrations and never built any of his creations.

Rube Goldberg

You’re in for a treat if you’re looking for information about the Rube Goldberg Machine.

Image Source/Tutorial: Brain Power Boy

Rube Goldberg is best renowned for his illustrations of complex machines that do basic tasks. Many people are familiar with him as a cartoonist, but did you know he was also an inventor and engineer? He was also awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his political cartoons.

Goldberger to Go is a quick game in which you must decide what to do next. There are suggestions and tips available. This is a good game for beginners since instead of needing to put objects in position, you fix the board (with a tiny wrench).
Tom and Jerry are back! Tom’s Trap-o-Matic (Tom’s Trap-o-Matic) Matic is a fascinating concept, but it’s a bit difficult to master. We occasionally had problems getting our contraptions to work, even though everything appeared to be in place and working properly. But, hey, it provided us plenty of opportunities to try new things. If you have a cartoon fan on your hands, you should check this out.

Building With Straws

Who knew straws could be so entertaining??

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

If you’ve been seeking straw building projects, this is your lucky day because we’re going to do some interesting science experiments with straws.

Here’s how you join straws together in a creative way…
Pinch the straws’ mouths to make them smaller, then shove them into the end of another straw. To make a triangle, start with three straws and join them together. Make a pentagon out of five triangles by joining them together. Three of these straw pentagons, as well as seven more triangles, are required. Tape the pentagons together, and as you wrap them up, use the leftover triangles to fill in the gaps.

Hopefully, you like our Homemade toy ideas for kids and will surely try to make this at your home with your family and friends. If you want more crafts ideas for kids then definitely read more posts on and also let me know in the comment section which Homemade toy idea you like the most.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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