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How To Make An Origami Mermaid With Kids

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How To Make An Origami Mermaid With Kids

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If you’re searching for How To Make An Origami Mermaid With Kids to do at home, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of How To Make An Origami Mermaid With Kids like mermaid step-by-step instructions, fold an origami mermaid, easy origami mermaid, etc.

It is considered that origami originated around a thousand years ago in Japan. It is even very doubtful that it may have originated from China and far more confusing is that the folding process was used in folding cloth and leather. The logic behind it may be the discovery of paper, clothes, and leather. Origami is just the art of folding paper, and nowadays it is majorly preferred and used. This form is most appreciated and easy to do without using scissors and glue most of the time and this makes it an unusual art but many times use of glue and scissors are also appreciated based on specific requirements. Origami mermaids shown below can be made by opening the links mentioned below. Mermaids are cute, exciting, and amazing species considered to be a point of interest for anybody and everybody. Making mermaids using origami paper can be exciting. And most of the origami mermaids made below have a link that has videos and step-wise descriptions of the mermaid, you may follow that and follow the process as shown below.

Procedure to make: Collect origami papers of colors like pink, light orange/ skin color, green, purple, blue, brown, orange, and sky. Collect sketch pens, glue, glitter tubes, scissors, pencil, and scales. Cut each A4 size paper into 4 equal squares/ directly use square origami papers if possible.

The face of the mermaid: Fold the square into further 4 squares, then use each corner of the square to fold it into a much smaller square, and then make ears by folding any two alternate corners of the square by placing it in the shape of a kite. Ears can be made differently as per the needs and different experiments.

The body of the mermaid: Fold the paper in half to set a middle line to the square sheet and then open it, taking the middle line as a reference fold the other two sides of the sheet towards the middle line, refold the folder portion a little to make a thin border like the presence of the line and lastly towards the end of the sheet make a boat like structure by folding the half folded sheet into triangular shapes to get two hands like fins when you fix it in the bottom part of the mermaid.

The lower part of the mermaid: The process of making the lower part is quite interesting and easy as well. Take the square sheet fold it diagonally and make a conical shape, fold the extra part inside the cone to make it a cone, and towards the tip of the sheet fold it slantingly you get a fin-like structure and then re-fold it making a little gap and open the fin portion cut it in the folded portion to obtain two fins after refolding towards the latest fold obtained.

Use the respective items as shown in the below images to complete the drawing portions as per the needs. Lastly, the hairstyle can be arranged and pasted as per the will of the maker. The basic way to make the complete mermaid from face to fins is mentioned above. I am mentioning it after I have tried the process for myself.

The utility of all these crafts can be as a cute gift by the kids to anybody, the elders, they can make it and use it as a token of appreciation, can be used as a home decor item. Being 3d to observe it can be showcased in the institutions also to encourage the people making it or are into the crafty world, some of these can be used to create great scenery based on requirements in some instances.

Suitable age: most of these can be made by kids of about 4-5 years of age. This can be made with parents’/elders’ guidance at the age of 6-10 years of age. Children more than 12 years of age can make it with or without the advice of their elders/parents.

How To Make An Origami Mermaid With Kids

How To Make An Origami Mermaid With Kids

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Origami Mermaid Step-By-Step Instructions

Origami Mermaid Step By Step Instructions

Image Source/Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

Use square papers of the same size and follow the correct steps with the different colored sheets to obtain the best out of them. The mermaid is quite difficult to look at but a bit easy when folded with patience.

Learning: Knowledge about aquatic life and fantasy for children can be easily admired and entertained.

Simple Origami Mermaid Video Tutorial

How To Make An Origami Mermaid With Kids Simple Origami Mermaid Video Tutorial

Image Source/Tutorial: Jenny W. Chan – Origami Tree

If you get to know the actual steps to make one you can make many with the same ideas and different variations you like and color combinations can also be taken as per your preferences.

Learning:  Improvement in drawing skills and different body parts of fish can also be compared with mermaids making it fantastic to make it interesting for kids to learn about the sea and its creatures.

How To Make Easy Origami Mermaid

How To Make Easy Origami Mermaid

Image Source/Tutorial: Pinterest

After the step-wise folding process arrangements are a must and that can be done easily based on the image shown.

Learning: Active and effective use of glitter tubes can encourage adding new items to the crafty life of anyone interested in them.

How To Fold An Origami Mermaid

How To Make An Origami Mermaid With Kids How To Fold An Origami Mermaid

Image Source/Tutorial: Origami Tutorial

The basic procedure can be understood after the very basic making. But this can be creative making it. This involves a patient and strict sitting and learning state of mind that makes you recognize the importance of patience and confidence after making it easier.

Simple Origami Mermaid Tutorial

Simple Origami Mermaid Tutorial

Image Source/Tutorial: Origami Maimai

This 3d form requires an ultimate level of excellence that can be attained by patience and practice. Make sure to be attentive during the fixing process which can be extremely tough at some point.

Learning: Making this difficulty level of the item with origami paper helps to boost confidence and also discover something new if possible. Sometimes new ideas pop out while making some other product similarly something new can also be obtained out of it based on the person’s interest and discovery (which is completely exceptional)

I am already a passionate person about these above-mentioned ideas. It is a great form of crafty and creative learning for all age groups, i.e., students, teachers, parents, and even entrepreneurs (exceptional). These mermaids can eye catchy and creative to look at as they evoke imagination. And scientifically imagination is the best beginning to something new. Try it and also appreciate or comment on it if you find it helpful and exciting. Major points to focus on are mentioned as well.

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