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DIY Origami Dinosaur Craft Tutorial For Kids

DIY Origami Dinosaur Craft For Kids

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DIY Origami Dinosaur Craft Tutorial For Kids

Activities for Kids

This fun and easy DIY Origami Dinosaur Craft is perfect for kids of all ages! Learn how to make your own origami dinosaur with simple instructions and step-by-step illustrations. All you need is a few simple supplies, and you’ll be amazed at the awesome dinosaur your kids can make.

Hey there! Are you looking for a fun and creative craft activity for your kids? Look no further, because this DIY Origami Dinosaur Craft for Kids is perfect for you! This craft uses origami paper folding to create a fun and colorful 3D dinosaur. With just a few simple steps, your kids can make their own origami dinosaur and have a blast in the process.

DIY & Craft Origami Dinosaur For Kids – Step-by-Step Instructions

DIY Origami Dinosaur Craft For Kids

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Material Used:

  • Green Sheet

Instructions: –

Step-1: Take An A4 Sheet

Simple To Make Dinosaur Craft Idea For Kids Using Paper

Take an A4 sheet of green color and fold it into two halves and then unfold it.

Step-2: Folding The Ends Towards The Center

Handmade To Make Paper Dinosaur Craft Ideas Foe Toddlers

Hold the ends of the sheet and bring both ends of the top and bottom towards the middle.

Step-3: Folding All The Corners Of The Rectangle Formed

Easy To Paper Folding To Make Dinosaur Craft For Kids

Fold all the corners towards the center touching the line formed in the middle. And then unfold it.

Step-4: Make a Triangle

Step By Step To Make Paper Dinosaur Craft Ideas For Kids

Hold the corner of the rectangle and move it a little upwards and then press it to form a triangle.

Step-5: Inserting The Triangle Inwards

Learn How To Make Perfect Paper Dinosaur Craft For Kids

Insert the triangle inwards forming a hexagon.

Step-6: Make a Hexagon

Easy Artwork Of Paper Making Dinosaur Craft For Childern

Fold all the corners inwards to form a hexagon.

Step-7: Opening The Right Corner Of The Hexagon

DIY Project Ideas To Make Creative Dinosaur Craft For School

Hold the rightmost corner of the hexagon from your side and open it towards the left.

Step-8: Folding The Upper Left Triangle

Creative Ideas Of Origami To Make Dinosaur Craft At Home

As you can see there are four triangles formed, hold the corner of it and fold it in the middle in such a way that its end touches the lower triangle.

Step-9: Having Another Fold

Art Process To Make Paper Dinosaur Craft For Kids

Now, hold the corner of the triangle formed move it backward, and move a small part of it outwards.

Step-10: Repeating The Process

Cool Art Of Making Paper Dinosaur Craft For Kids

Repeat the same process with the triangle just below the previous one.

Step-11: Again, Repeating The Process

Easy Process To Make Paper Dinosaur Craft Ideas For Kids

Repeat the same process on the left side and make it ready as given in the picture.

Step-12: Turning The Hexagon Back

Homemade Dinosaur Craft For Kids

Turn the whole hexagon back.

Step-13: Folding The Lower Quadrilateral

Fun Activities To Make Paper Dinosaur Craft For Preschoolers

Hold the left side of the lower quadrilateral and move it upwards touching the middle line.

Step-14: Folding The Lower Right Part

Simple & Easy To Make Paper Dinosaur Craft For Kids

Fold the right part of the bottom quadrilateral but keep in mind to make the left side the larger one and the right side smaller. Repeat the same process with the upper quadrilateral.

Step-15: Make The Legs Of The Dinosaur

A Perfect Ideas Of Paper Making Dinosaur Crafts For Project

Join the lower and upper parts and insert the legs from inside in order to make two legs.

Step-16: Make The Neck And Head Off a Dinosaur

Easy To Make Paper Dinosaur Crafts Tutorial

First of all, fold the ends of all the legs in the same direction to make it look like a foot. And then from the right side move the triangle a little upwards and fold its end in order to make the head.

Final Step: The Dinosaur Is Ready!

Amazing 3D Paper Dinosaur Craft For Kids

Point a dot on the head in order to indicate eyes and here is your dinosaur ready!

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What materials do I need for the origami dinosaur craft?

You will need origami paper, scissors, and a glue stick.

What size paper should I use?

You should use square origami paper that is 5.5 inches (14cm) on each side.

How long does it take to make the origami dinosaur?

It should take approximately 30 minutes to make the origami dinosaur.

What age group is this origami dinosaur craft suitable for?

This craft is suitable for children aged 5 and above.

Do I need to have prior origami experience before attempting this craft?

No prior origami experience is necessary.

This origami dinosaur craft is a fun and creative way for kids to express their creativity and make something unique.

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